Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kaponii ba sandi, utora keei -- Sandic dictionary, third edition.

 Well, I'm happy.  I finally got un-lazy for long enough to finish the dictionary!  I'm only a month late in publishing it, but you know what they say- better late than never!  I won't provide a link here, since I'm not really trying to advertise it.  If you go to lulu.com and search "kaponii ba sandi", it's there.  Isn't that "ba" on the cover just awesome?  I wrote it with water in sand one day when I went to the park.  I love seeing "ba"s out in the wild, so to speak. :)

I'm just happy that I'll have a new edition of the dictionary finally!  Things were so cramped in the old one, and I'm looking forward to free-range work again.    I have to stop sometimes and think about just how fortunate I am to live in 2013, where ordering a printed version of my dictionary is literally as easy as clicking a few buttons on a screen.

I remember when I first started conlanging, that it would take hours and hours to re-copy the dictionary into a fresh book each time.  And because I maintained two separate dictionaries for Sandic (one english-sandic, one sandic-english), of course there were inconsistencies between them.

Nowadays, I spend two days completely reformatting it at my leisure if I should so desire, plug the new words into a spreadsheet, auto-alphabetize (alphabetization was always my bane) and then I'm ready to go!  So easy.  I have no idea why I waited so long to do this!

Now to get cracking on that anthology!

(Oh, also.  There is totally a link on the right-hand side, if you want to look at what the dictionary is like! :D  It's a big pdf (like 200 pages), but everything is there. :) )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arangothek "Our Father"

Made a recording of the Arangothek "Our Father" prayer.  Am adding it to that post as well, but figured I'd share it here too so that people will actually see it!  :D  It cuts off a bit on the third line, but really that doesn't affect the recording quality too much.  Perhaps in the future I'll re-do it.