Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Xmas (War is over)

I heard this song* (originally, I think, by John Lennon) for the first time today and decided I'd translate it.  (Thanks, Colbert Report!)  It asks a really good question, of course- that being... "what have you done?"

Nothing new in this song, just the same old.  I had to rig the vocative just right to make it work (since it's an extra syllable and the translation below is singable, Oh Joy.)

*Sorry for this video.  It is surprisingly the only one with lyrics I could find that didn't have images of carnage.  ...Sigh.

Order of Texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic -- Original English


Ba mohn ân ora 
a kiab péxma
ba ivlú basem
rep juti baahl
ba mohn ân ora
opémas ra
lēé ta zumin, usein
lēé ta lēlain, nabein

mohnab lēaira
ivlúb lēai
wenai obaahl
temab kahami

ba mohn ân ora
lēian paelain, levin
kalēlétin, kahamin,
lenai ara aŵ
ba mohn ân ora
lēian mauin, glénin
lēian éoin, lēian pîrin,
otaŵneot madîjj.

dîjj batesem
ba wîc pé
dîjj batesem


The day of giving,
but what have you done
the year is ending
it's the beginning of another one
the day of giving
be very happy
you who are here, you who are loved
you who are old, you who are young

A very happy day
a happy (new) year
let it be beautiful
and without fear

the day of giving
to you, the strong and the weak
the having and lacking,
our existence is wrong.
the day of giving
to you, the white and the black (ones),
to you the yellow (ones) and the red (ones),
let us not fight.

War will stop
(according to) your want
war will stop


So this is Xmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Xmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Xmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong
And so happy Xmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight

War is over, 
if you want it
War is over 

** Image from here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lēé îbú - O moon

Last night as I was falling asleep, this song popped into my head.  It's yet another one from the CD of chants I had as a kid. Needless to say, I ended up scribbling it out in Sandic.

The picture below is of my actual writing-out of the song as I worked on it (at one in the morning, trying to get it out of my head so I could sleep).  I figured someone might get a kick out of seeing the actual messiness that translations can sometimes produce.

Yes, I write things down in Sandic script.  I've been doing it for so long that it's sometimes easier this way- particularly if I'm sleepy.

As to the formatting of the picture- yes, I know it's horrible and could do with some cropping.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it on a linux machine, though. I give up. It's seeable!  That's all I really care about.

The text on the left-hand is what appears below.  The text on the right side reads (albeit sideways) - "Lēé îbú iadkai / kabrelēi pal nât" ("O moon, helper / shining (there) outside").
(If you look closely, you can see that I forgot to dot the "a" on "pal" there, too.)

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic -- Original English


Lēé îbú iadkai
kabrelēi pal toa
fian opétaen
bamée ba marka

Lēé îbú kasai
ici pébrelē
fian opétamal
raactab opétaen


O moon, helper
shining up above
smile down to me
your face is showing

O moon (which) is knowing
you are shining silver
inspire me
shine truth (to me).


Moon, sister moon
Shining so high
Smile down upon me
Full face in the sky

Moon, sister moon
with your silver glow
Whisper your secrets
Tell me what you know

Monday, December 10, 2012

Conlang Card Exchange 2012

I know, I'm a horrible person.


I'll update this at some point... someday.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Uxmici kaevo

I enjoy this chant, so I translated it.

The funny thing about chants is that I remember them when I want to sing them for fun, but almost never when I actually need them. ;)  I have panic attacks over ridiculous things, so the few times I remember them they're wonderful tools to get myself back into alignment.  (Something about the rhythm and repetitiveness breaks the panic feedback loop for me.)

They're so useful.

"talēl yahl", the last line, is not really "I am changing".  It's something more like... "I am, changingly"- "My being is change", or even "I am change".  "I am changing" is just "katalēli yahl".  Still, "I am changing" is the easiest English for that spot, so I've left it as the others are ugly.

Order of texts:  Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic -- Original English

Uxmici kaevo
kamalēimi béno
kamai hélo
talēl yahl 

Water has birthed (me)
Cleansing powerfully
Acting for healing
I am changing

Born of water
cleansing powerful
healing changing
I am

*image from here.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ba perad bafac

When I was a child and there was work to be done, a group of us together would sing a song to distract our minds and help the time pass.  This is true even today, though I have no group to sing with.  The old method has been adapted to my ways, and I still sing to myself or hum to myself when I've got something to do.

I was cleaning the house today and simultaneously surfing the web (this is possible, I assure you) when I came across this song on youtube.  It's about six minutes through, and by the time the first playthrough was done, I was singing along in Sandic.  A spontaneous translation!

Anyway, I thought it worth sharing here.  Perhaps one day I will collect all the Sandic songs and make a CD. :)

A note: At first, I was singing "ba reejilian" ("towards the ocean"), but I changed it later to "ba reejil gre" ("until the ocean/to the ocean") because it preserves the original rhyme.  Both work here, I guess.  It's just a matter of personal preference.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic -- Original English


Ba perad bafac, 
bafac wî bazefa
ba perad bafac
ba réjil gre

lēé ama iab o(lēé)kre
gezo lēé yahl felē
lēé ada iab o(lēé)kre
ba réjil gre


The river flows,
it flows and grows
the river flows
until the ocean

O mother, carry me
I myself am your child
O father, carry me
until the ocean


The river is flowing,
flowing and growing
the river is flowing
down to the sea

Mother, carry me
your child I will always be
Father, carry me
down to the sea

* image from here