Monday, January 30, 2012

The Crow and the Jar

I don't know why I haven't translated this one yet. Anyway, I found it online tonight and translated it. Here's it in traditional and híies tsidai. (Found here.)

Srîtnia akathîania koewîci baxsu tjikab, a adle ba tjika diapoi baxahl tjura ân ba akathîa kilúb ba baméâ ân pútú pa ba tjikab, wî ba kaevo fovi tjura baxahl ân ba akathîa baméâig ân griaw, skra adle ba kéi. Skra jéd, ba akathîa baxkep ân maxsin, wî anauzab baxma. “Skra ba kaevo fovi baahl tjura, otema ân” kaxmî- “fian obaféd ba kaevo.”

Pelabin kéin ejj mé ejj pa ba tjikab kaxmia. Mér ma ka, ba kaevo baxahl ukrei skra ta pelan wî unî ba akthîa baxméâ ân griaw ba kaevob ân koe tu anetaact.

Híies tsidai:
Srítne akathíane koievísi bastsu tçikap, a adlie ba tçika depói basal tçoura han ba akathía kilup ba baméha han putu pa ba tçikap, ví ba kívó fóvi tçura basal han ba akathíya baméhaik an grev, skra adlie ba kéi. Skra jéd, ba akathía baskiep han maksin, ví anaoutsap basma. "skra ba kaievó fóvi baal tçura, ótiema han" kasmí- "fen óbaféd ba kívó."

Pielapi kéi iej mé iej pa ba tçikap kasme. Mér ma ka, ba kívó basal oukriei skra ta pielan ví ouní ba akthía basméha han grev ba kívóp han kóie tou anietaast.

Funny quotes from #conlang

Here are funny and wacky quotes from #conlang, added as they appear (and dated for easy reference). This post will be updated every time a noteworthy one sticks its head up. These are in reverse chronological order (newest at the top, oldest at the bottom).

Have a quote you'd like me to add to this list? Send me an email- wood (.) wlf @ gee mail @ kom

25 September 2012, EST

[18:44] Uiri - Does anyone remember what Esperanto for "Esperanto motherfucker do you speak it?" is
[18:44] fenris_kcf - that ain't a sentence, is it?
[18:45] fenris_kcf - missing hyphens?
[18:45] fenris_kcf - er... kommata
[18:45] Fenhl - Uiri: is failing me
[18:45] Uiri - haha
[18:45] Uiri - I went to the trouble of doing it word by word one
[18:46] fenris_kcf - should it be "Esperanto - Motherfucker, do you speak it?"?
[18:46] Fenhl - fenris_kcf: if yeah, should be “Esperanto, motherfucker, do you speak it?”
[18:46] Uiri - something like Esperanto, patrinofikisto, vi gi parolas
[18:47] fenris_kcf - oh, translate "motherfucker" literally?
[18:47] Uiri - haha
[18:47] fenris_kcf - okay ...
[18:47] Tonitrus - No, but I've decided it's
[18:47] fenris_kcf - Esperanto - patrinfikanto, ĉu vi parolas ĝin?
[18:48] Tonitrus - Ænglisċ moþerfuċċere, sprīcst þū hit?
[18:48] Tonitrus - in OE
[18:48] Fenhl - :D :D
[18:48] Tonitrus - That's probably a long o too

28 May 2012, EST

[23:31:29] tnelsond -  :) :3 :8 :O
[23:31:39] tnelsond -  progressive smilies
[23:32:08]  Klisz -  :8 has an infinite mouth

25 February 2012, EST

[21:31:49] Channel topic is: Conlangs and ponies, what else? Aethaeryn is working on a rainbow sparkle pony language (it's Solresol, but for ponies!).
[21:31:49] Topic was set by TooManyToasters! on Sat Feb 25 21:06:42 2012


09 February 2012, EST

[20:38:58] Tonitrus - You only acquired your uncles recently?
[20:39:02] tnelsond - Yeah.
[20:39:05] Tonitrus - Your grandmother must be very busy.


[15:07:29] bornfor - How is everyone today?
[15:07:53] furrykef - beep.
[15:07:59] bornfor - beep!
[15:08:21] bornfor - Does that mean to say that when I talk/say "how is everyone today", that it beeps you?
[15:08:43] furrykef - beep.
[15:09:29] Tonitrus - beep?
[15:10:19] furrykef - beep.
[15:10:37] Tonitrus - ... beep
[15:10:45] furrykef - beep :3
[15:14:55] bornfor - /bip/
[15:15:49] Klisz - [biːpʰ]
[15:16:34] Klisz - wait, no, [biːp], only onsets have aspiration
[15:17:01] Tonitrus - bεεp
[15:17:22] Staatsfeind - bornfor: boop!
[15:17:28] Klisz - bɛːp
[15:17:42] Tonitrus - bəp
[15:18:18] Klisz - bʍɛçɑŋɲʊʃθʋʊθʁɑŋðɔɯʎɛθθɛʁʃɥɛʁɛŋɔʍp
[15:20:09] Klisz> :ɔ


05 February 2012,EST

[00:22:56] bornfor - If people didn't interrupt me, there'd be no conversation.
[00:22:58] bornfor - Itd be like
[00:23:02] bornfor - a wall of senseless bornfor crap
[00:23:07] bornfor - :s
[00:23:45] tnelsond - So what, now we have two walls of senseless crap?
[00:24:15] bornfor - Yay
[00:24:20] bornfor - Interlocking walls of crap
[00:24:27] bornfor - Crapbasket?
[00:24:58] tnelsond - Except my crap is shiny and yours isn't.
[00:25:41] bornfor - I know.
[00:25:46] bornfor - :(
[00:25:59] bornfor - Mine's kind of spiky.
[00:26:08] bornfor - Oh well, it works.
[00:26:08] tnelsond wants to change the subject


[23:23:30] tnelsond - So burtonlang do you have any conlangs?
[23:23:41] burtonlang - I do!
[23:24:01] tnelsond - Well, do tell.
[23:24:49] bornfor - I have a conlang too! Imagine that.
[23:24:50] bornfor - :D
[23:25:00] tnelsond - We should form a club or something.
[23:25:18] Klisz_ - Or maybe an IRC channel about conlangs
[23:25:25] tnelsond - Do lets start our own channel called #peoplewhohaveconlangs
[23:25:29] bornfor - Hey, now there's an idea.
[23:25:36] CJMiller - Dpme
[23:25:36] bornfor - Nono, tnelsond, we need to simplify it.
[23:25:37] CJMiller - Done *
[23:25:40] Klisz_ - let's be straightforward and just call it #conlang :D
[23:25:44] bornfor - Why not.. #conlangers?
[23:25:45] tnelsond - Klisz_: good idea.
[23:25:51] tnelsond - See you there.
[23:25:51] bornfor - Klisz_: That's genius.
[23:25:57] CJMiller - bornfor, done
[23:25:59] bornfor - Yeah
[23:26:01] bornfor joins.
[23:26:04] Sent part request, waiting for reply...
[23:26:04] You have left channel #conlang: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
[23:26:04] bornfor has joined #conlang
[23:26:04] Channel topic is: Welcome to #conlang‽ | Type -info to find out what we're up to |
[23:26:04] Topic was set by CJMiller!~CJMiller@wikipedia/CJMiller on Wed Feb 1 13:51:38 2012
[23:26:04] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
23:26:05] tnelsond joins
[23:26:06] [*@*] has set channel mode +n
[23:26:06] Channel was created at Sun Nov 26 01:44:47 2006
[23:26:09] bornfor - Wow!
[23:26:09] Klisz_ has left #conlang: "☃"
[23:26:12] Klisz_ has joined #conlang
[23:26:14] tnelsond has left #conlang
[23:26:14] bornfor - This sure is swell.
[23:26:16] tnelsond has joined #conlang
[23:26:21] tnelsond - Hey guys.
[23:26:22] bornfor - What a good idea you had, Klisz_!
[23:26:26] Klisz_ - haha
[23:26:34] bornfor - lol
[23:26:34] tnelsond - Ditto what bornfor said.
[23:26:46] bornfor adds this to his list of ridiculous #conlang quotes.


Jan. 30 2012, EST

[23:15:39] tnelsond - Rocky and Bullwinkle is a good cartoon show.
[23:16:45] tnelsond - Well, then again, it is pretty awful.
[23:22:03] tnelsond - 5 minute episodes and such

[23:27:55] Aethaeryn - Infinite bottles of beer on the wall, infinite bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, infinite bottles of beer on the wall.


July 21 2013, EST

[22:18] Taraiph - there are still people here, right?
[22:18] Rakko - no
[22:20] Taraiph - good to know
[22:20] Taraiph - I would've freaked ou-AAAAAAAAAAAaah

December 09 2013

<anarchokawaii> so
<anarchokawaii> are you guys hear
<bornfor> wat
<anarchokawaii> left handed or right handed?
<Carl_Miller> No, I am sense
<bornfor> Carl_Miller> No, I am sense
<bornfor> ^
<Carl_Miller> :D
<Carl_Miller> bornfor ^5 x4 combo
<bornfor> ^5 ^5 ^5 ^5
<bornfor> BING
* Carl_Miller manifests Polymorph [Safir]
* Carl_Miller is now known as Haila
* bornfor takes the form of....
* bornfor a bucket of water!
* You are now known as bornforwater
* Haila manifests Polymorph [Other/Safir] targeting bornforwater
<bornforwater> I don't have a Safir name, though. :(
<Haila> >:
* You are now known as kafe
* Haila notes that Polymorph [*/Safir] almost always changes the target's gender to female
<Haila> kafe: That works :D
<kafe> Brilliant happenstance in Sandic: "kafe" means both "coffee" and "he understands" :D
<Haila> :D
<kafe> D;
<kafe> I don't want to be female.
* kafe ends self.
<Haila> D:
* Haila revives Kafe-seuvi
<kafe> :p
* You are now known as katarai
<katarai> "the one who is existing"
<katarai> :D
<Haila> In ?Ahirumali, «kafe» means "wrestling" (lit. "throw game")
<katarai> Oh, nice!
<Haila> and «katará?i» means "forming press" (lit. "form make PAST thing")
<Haila> :3
< Cassowaries > I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction, anarchokawaii

11 Dec 2013

< cntrational > apparently homosexual sex is once again banned in India after the Indian Supreme Court reversed a decision a lower court made a few years ago :L
< bornfor > :/
< bornfor > You think they'd have better stuff to do
< bornfor > like
< bornfor > focusing on rapes
< bornfor > or something.
< Zearen > ^
< Tonitrus > Ban all the things
< Tonitrus > ALL THE THINGS
* Oranjer ( has joined ##conlang
* cntrational bans Tonitrus
* Tonitrus goes for a high price on the black market and becomes crucial in funding criminal empires

Hounds of the Baskervilles, first two paragraphs.

Someone challenged me to translate the first chapter of "Hounds of the Baskervilles" into Sandic, and so I am. Here are the first two-ish paragraphs:

Pal plat ân dam kaxkep ba kâmâ <~Jiarlak lëoms>, faé ka ohî baxahl ân ahl grecoi ân dam mér helav, jjiave fî ân kaxneot katé skra dania. Felë exovo o ba kelo pal ba heon, wî exék ba jédab biab lëiamohn wwak kaxpútú poseka. Jéda maoacoi baxahl, pal sem ba baxahl kilúca, bian kémania otora béenúb . Pal adle ba tsuneda maoai baxahl, ici, wwhé xebta erini baxahl. “Faé ba <~Jjémz Mortimr>, M.R.C.S., uxorai frn ta tasnidan ka ba C.C.H.” o ba uxhaeci baxahl, wî pal onj jéd uxhaeci baxahl, <1884>. Ba jéda ân tréka baxahlco wwhé ba jédab biab kaxkre hélokém lëlai- hui, paelai, apecoi.

“A, Watson, nuv ba kiab lëéxsin?”

Ba Lëoms kaxkep ân gol ka faé tau me baxahl, wî felë neotab kaxmîi exahl nuv ma me.

“Wwhé baxahl ân lëésa frn ba da, biab ema? Bal méugan pal gol kilú lëé otiahb olënial?”

“Pal toa me kud faé kafe baahlra, ici, lëimirai, o ba plat.” kaxmî ka. “A baahl ra, lëé watsan, ân olëémî fian frn jéda ân tréka ba poseka aww. Nuv ba kiab lëéxsin? Skra awwxsore ân biab kian ora ejj wî awwneot sa frn tead kaahl wî teadian kaféd, orada neouxwîci erini baahl. Fian olëéjae frn kiajiavi kaahl ba kame, faé ba jéda lëlétka kaahl, frn kiab lëésa frn ka skra raug lëé ba jédaian.”

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Rerda" in híies tsidai

The first poem below is identical to the second in pronunciation. The first, however, is written in "híies tsidai", the new "phonetic" script which was created for me by a friend.

Here we go:


ivi ta kamban pa çíast mie
et teb iesmier
fí han danep fiehh sandi iemier
et bep iesraúg
et fon ba iesa.

Fiehh iemahaie han
nou tré srít danep ietiemer

Compare with the writing in the traditional way (which corresponds to the native-script letters):


Ivin ta kamban pa jaeact me
iat otiahb exmer
fî ân daniab felë sandi emer
iat biab exraug
iat frn ba esa

Felë emahae ân
nu tré srît daniab etemer

Then IPA (another huge thank-you to cntrational):

/ rirda /

/ ɪfɪ ta kamban pa ʃaɪast mi
ɛt tɛb ismir
faɪ han danɛp fix sandɪ imir
ɛt bɛp israwg
ɛt fʊn ba isa. /

/ fix imaha.i han
nu tre sraɪt danɛp itimɛr
nabi.ɪ /

Alternate orthographies...

In #conlang on freenode tonight, someone commented on my strange use of j to represent the sound "sh". I shared a few more letter-sound correspondences, and people were aghast. So I asked for an alternative, and cntrational kindly offered one. His proposal turned this paragraph (first half of the first paragraph of chapter one of the Hound of the Baskervilles):

"Pal plat ân dam kaxkep ba kâmâ ~Jiarlak lëoms, faé ka ohî baxahl ân ahl grecoi ân dam mér helav, jjiave fî ân kaxneot katé skra dania. Felë exovo o ba kelo pal ba heon, wî exék ba jédab biab lëiamohn wwak kaxpútú poseka. Jéda maoacoi baxahl, pal sem ba baxahl kilúca, bian kémania otora béenúb . Pal adle ba tsuneda maoai, ici, wwhé xebta erini baxahl."

into this one:

"Pal plat án dam kaxkiep ba kámá ~Çerlak Łóms, faé ka ohí baxahl án ahl grecoi án dam mér hielav, jevie fí án kaxnieót katé skra dane. Feł iexóvó ó ba kieló pal ba hieón, wí iexék ba çédab beb łemohn úak kaxputu pósieka. Çéda maóacói baxahl, pal siem ba baxahl kiluca, ben kémane ótóra béienub . Pal adlie ba tsonieda maóai, ici, úhé xiebta ierini baxahl. "

I'm unsure what to think of it (and in particular really don't like that crossed L thingy (it looks dangerous)), but figured I'd share it here, since it's awesome of him to have gone and actually created one for me.

(I will admit that the alternate ortho is nice to look at.)


I added a few more modifications to it (like marking all s sounds with a single letter, removing the silent h in ahl and wwhé, etc):

"Pal plat án dam kaskiep ba kámá ~Çerlak Âóms, faé ka ohí basal án al gretsoi án dam mér hielav, jevie fí án kasnieót katé skra dane. Feâ iexóvó ó ba kieló pal ba hieón, wí iesék ba çédap bep âemohn úak kasputu pósieka. Çéda maóatsói basahl, pal siem ba basal kiluca, ben kémane ótóra béienup . Pal adlie ba tsonieda maóai, isi, úé ziepta ierini basal. "

I've also decided to use this orthography often (you know me, though, that means I'm momentarily fond of it and might well forget it going forward x____X), and have named it- "haec sidai" - "Híies tsidai", after a name cntrational gave me to use. :D

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ivi baahl auzoi

One of my favorite challenges is to translate songs which are not in a language I speak. I crank up the music, write down the lyrics that I've googled, do a syllable count... And then average translations found on the internet and turn the song into Sandic. :) Yesterday I translated a song in Hindi ( a language which I absolutely adore ), and the result is something pretty awesome. I've skipped the part where the dude talks about his scholarship, and the other one about burning incense for the gods, to make the translated version more all-purpose. :)

I love having a song which can only be sung in Sandic. And because I don't remember the original lyrics (in this case in Hindi), if the song gets stuck in my head... Well, five guesses what language pops up! :D

If you haven't seen the movie 3 idiots, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, here we go: song here

Aal izz well (ivi baahl auzoi)

Bal jjew pé ân jard bawîc?
anenab opéma jten
anenab opéma jten,
opéfute, opémî!

opémî "aal izz well!"
opésa aal izz well!
pétema ân aal izz well!
opémî aal izz well!

krthîâ baneot sa kia bat(et)oka,
bal kr batejjew ú uxdami bateahl
frn ba katetokai awwneot sa

anenab opémajten,
opéfute, opémî-

opémî aal izz well!

ewiwi, a! ewiwi ejj!
frn ba klî siad yneot sa
fî ân biab etelëlét,
frn ba bas etesore ra!

fî ân skra ivi péwiwi, erin baneot ahl
opétaen, tauian opéféd, opéneot jila!
jémai wiwi, piab opésa, auzo pétema!

Aal izz well

If your life is out of control
Open your mouth
open your mouth
Whistle, and say!

Say: "All is well!"
Just know that "All is well!"
You'll do "All is well!"
Say: "All is well!"

The chicken does not know what will happen
Will the egg live, or be eaten?
And we don't know about the future

I'm hesitating, ah! I'm afraid again!
I don't have a solution anymore
If I find the solution,
I forget the question!

If you're hesitating/afraid of everything, that's okay
just smile and move forward, don't cry
hesitation is silly, just know yourself, you'll do fine!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kambâ frn troukânia ta akathîan wî noxnia amatéi

Yet another one from the Hitopadesha. I'm loving these simple yet entertaining stories.

This one is a head-scratcher, though. ... If the female crow is the one about to have babies, why is she doing dangerous flying around and stealing, when the male could easily have done the same thing without harm to their potential coming young? ...

Anyway, here you go!


Kambâ frn troukânia ta akthîan wî noxnia gléni wî amatéi

O jéúmé erinrai oxmect kunnia ta akathîan. O ba jéúmé wî baxmect amatéi nox gléni, pa ostlëat ba jéúmé.
Mér rep ân jjew ta gezonnia ta akathîan, otiahb baxdam ba nox.

Mohnnia, mér krianav ba lëlét ba akathîa amei, axmî kameian kunka ae: “Lëé usei, otawwféd ébian dé jéb ba jéúmé, skra déva me baahl ân wwian ejj kateféd ba nox, wî gezobin aww batedam.”

“Opéneot tem!” rial atian kaxmî ba kunka. “Siad jéd bateneot ma.”

“A fî ân bian pétemadîjj.... Paelai tjura baahl!” Axmî.

“A felë frnsai yahl,” rial ejj kaxmî ba akathîa kamei. “skra jéb paelai yahl siad faé ba.”

“Bal daniab otema ân iad?” Axbas ba juti.

“Rac.” kaxmî ba akathîa. “fian olëébra- mér ivin ta mohn, erenia ta kamen kaféd pa réjilabnia ân kian malëim. Ta tsunebin ka kabrú, wî otiab ta albain kapútú ó réjgraob mér malëim ka.”

Opésod tsunebnia wî biab opépútú pal ostlëat, wwak bamect ba nox.

Skra ta keman ba ere piab otekfé, oteraug ba noxab gléni, wî kian otetu."

Ba amei jéd axma nu wwhé biab kaxmî kunka ae.

Ta keman ba ere atiahb oxjjace, a ba tsuneb axpútú pal ostlëat ba jéúmé.

Ta keman wwakian oxféd, wî ba noxab oxraug, wî kian oxtu.

Mîda ân masan frn ba kamâ: Auniai baahl ba da, biab omî ta frnsain: Fî ân siadpaelai kaahl amatéinia faé lëé, sab frnsa olëéjjuc ân galën.

Indeed, what the wise say is right, that what cannot be achieved by force can be achieved through wisdom.


The Story of A Family of Crows and A wicked Cobra
Kambâ frn troukânia ta akathîan wî noxnia amatéi

On a huge tree in a forest, lived a pair of crows. A black cobra lived in the hollow of the same tree.
O jéúmé erinrai oxmect kunnia ta akathîan. O ba jéúmé wî baxmect amatéi nox gléni, pa ostlëat ba jéúmé.

Whenever the crows had young birds, he would eat them up.
Mér rep ta gezonnia ta akathîan, otiahb baxdam ba nox.

One day, the female crow who was about to get babies, said to her husband, "My dear, please let us go away from here. I'm certain the black cobra will eat my children again."
Mohnnia, mér krianav ba lëlét ba akathîa amei, axmî kameian kunka ae: “Lëé usei, otawwféd ébian dé jéb ba jéúmé, skra déva me baahl ân wwian ejj kateféd ba nox, wî gezobin aww batedam.”

"Don't be afraid!" said her husband. "I'm not going to put up with him any more."
“Opéneot tem!” rial atian kaxmî ba kunka. “Siad jéd bateneot ma.”

"But how can you fight him? He is so strong!" she said.
“A fî ân bian pétemadîjj.... Paelai tjura baahl!” Axmî.

"I am intelligent," replied the male crow, "so I am stronger."
“A felë frnsai yahl,” rial ejj kaxmî ba akathîa kamei. “skra jéb paelai yahl siad faé ba.”

"Well, can I do anything to help?" asked the female crow.
“Bal daniab otema ân iad?” Axbas ba juti.

"Yes, you can," said her husband. "Listen to me carefully. Every day the king comes to bathe in the lake nearby. He removes his gold necklace and leaves it at the edge of the lake, while he bathes.
“Rac.” kaxmî ba akathîa. “fian olëébra- mér ivin ta mohn, erenia ta kamen kaféd pa réjilabnia ân kian malëim. Ta tsunebin ka kabrú, wî otiab ta albain kapútú ó réjgraob mér malëim ka.”

You must pick up the necklace and drop it in front of the hollow of our tree, where the black cobra lives.
Opésod tsunebnia wî biab opépútú pal ostlëat, wwak bamect ba nox.

When the servants of the king follow you to recover it, they will certainly see the black cobra and kill him."
Skra ta keman ba ere piab otekfé, oteraug ba noxab gléni, wî kian otetu.

And so the female crow did exactly as her mate had suggested.
Ba amei jéd axma nu wwhé biab kaxmî kunka ae.

The king's servants chased the female crow who cleverly dropped the necklace in front of the hollow of the tree.
Ta keman ba ere atiahb oxjjace, a ba tsuneb axpútú pal ostlëat ba jéúmé.

When the servants arrived at the spot, they saw the black cobra and killed him.
Ta keman wwakian oxféd, wî ba noxab oxraug, wî kian oxtu.

Mîda ân masan frn ba kamâ: Auniai baahl ba da, biab omî ta frnsain: Fî ân siadpaelai kaahl amatéinia faé lëé, sab frnsa olëéjjuc ân galën.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A song from my childhood.

I grew up in a neopagan-ish kind of family environment, complete with awesome music. The melodies of these songs sometimes get stuck in my head again for no apparent reason- and today has brought just that.

The sticky song of the moment is "She's been waiting", by Moving Breath. Shockingly, I can't find the song on the internet anywhere, despite having looked.

Still, here are the lyrics translated:

Axgre, axgre-
Axgre srîtab
Axgre ân gezon ae ejj safpaian otoféd
(Axgren ân ta gezon ogilú ân ejj otoféd)

Uxrecin oahl wî urecin oahl
Kadévain ba ijwa
Uxrecin oahl wî urecin oahl
Neskato ama érama
Uxrecin oahl wî urecin oahl
Ta kémanian oahl berain
Uxrecin oahl wî urecin oahl
ohî op baahl ân jalon


She's waited, She's waited
She's waited a time
She's waited for her children to return home
(She's waited for the children to remember to return)

Blessed were and blessed are
Those who believe in the lady
Blessed were and blessed are
maiden mother grandmother
Blessed were and blessed are
The ones who are together
Blessed were and blessed are
Those whose habit it is to jalon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ta tasnidan oxahl ulëor

I really don't like the way Sandic handles numbers. In this case, "ta ulëor tasnidan" is literally "the four friends". Thing is, I'm unsure what else to do about it. "ta tasnidan ulëor" sounds a bit too much like "the friends of four".


Anyway, here's a Panchatantra story. I used the bookbox version because I liked it the most. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Ahhh, figured out what it was about the thing above that I didn't like! The "Ta" is what was bothering the crap out of me. Properly translated
--, the title would be more like "Ulëor tasnidan" or "Ta tasnidan oxahl ulëor" (Four friends" or "the friends who were four (in number)".)


Dé kémameadannia fovi baxzefa érinjé pa ba ankoan wî thîan he oxmect. Pa ba erinjé oxmect ulëor tasnidan rain- herle, lëartefa, akathîa wî nibo. Gre nocrab ta tasnidan oxúraj ân mî dé tré dé just frn kia jéd ba mohn baxoka. Mohnnia, ba herle utemâira axahl. “Jjacekéman opútú soddabin pal ivin ten pa erinjé! Awwteneot méâ ân ma niasa faé aww, balnia?!”

“A aunia baahl ân awwteméâ!” Baxmalëî ba akathîa. “Tasnid aww ba nibo kasa.” Gre mohnnia dab exraug matemâira. Dél frn amalthîan, ulëlétin pa oloca jjacekémania, oxzeb lëagibin op umatemâin. Unî ba olocab pa lisan op oxade, wî ynnéhî oxlëanég! Teadian oxlëanég? Tasnidian aww ba nibo.”

“Deden ka kaxtam faé ba oloca, biab kaxtam tu ialthan. Uxniasain, fovin oxlëanég ta amalthîan. Kian oxkajara.”

Mér krianav ba kambâ, ba herle axféd ébian ân su kaevob skra koewîc ae. Mér fovi axahl, ta jutin oxsem ân dam ta madabin, kéamjébin wî felabin pa erinjé. Dé tré dé jut oxjae tu eslëam ba nocr, wî oxgre ân ejj otaféd ba herle. A ejj ba herle axneot féd! Oxsem ân ahl déxsiin ta tasnidan.

Mér helav, ta jutin oxsem ân malëî ba herleian, a ba akathîa baxlëanég meadanian ân atiahb su. Pal lornia, atiahb kaxraug- fonia ae uxtiaktai baxahl pa oloca. "Déxsii opéneot ahl", atian kaxmî. "Daniab awwtema ân pian ma niasa."

Ba akathîa ejj tasnidanian ka kaxlëanég. Ba lëartefa bajin, wî unî baxmî ân baxsa frn da, biab otoma. “Lëé nibo! O golab ba akathîa opéféd!” Wî berain ba akathîa wî ba nibo oxlëanég ân iad ba herleb. Oxneot gre- ba nibo baxtam ba olocab tu ialthan. Pal sem ân jéd baxoka, unî baxmée ba lëartefa. “Skra kia zumian péxféd?! Fî ân ejj zumian kateféd ba jjacekém, piab katetade! Péteneot méâ ân ma lënial,” umatemâi axmî ba herle. Unî kiab kaxmée ba jjacekém! Kiab kaxbrain, ivin ta tasnidan ébian oxen. A ba lëartefa greli tjura baxahl ân biab niasa. Ba jjacekém kiab kaxrujji o kaec ka.

“Lenara! Skra ma me ân su kaevob, lëartefa aww ba usei ulëléti kaahl!” Axmî ba herle. Axle dé mead ae faé lënial, wî ejj ba réjilian axen. Axbamo hu, wî atian kaxmaco ân atiab katam ba akathîa. Ba jjacekém mab op baxraug, wî lëartefab kaxpútú o grawwib ân féd ba herleian. Nibo ba tasnidi kian kaxféd wî rujjidab baxtam. Ba lëartefa natul baxféd ân bian ma lënial pa kaevo. Mér ba lëartefa jéd baxma, ba herle axle ejj o fobin ae wî axjard pa erinjéb. Ba jjacekém umatemâira kaxahl! Gator kaxraug ankoab uxmalëli sem ejj ân jjew. Kadévai ân lëenan lenain pa ba erinjé oahl, dé erinjé natulra kaxjard. Ta ulëor safpanian op oxféd, lëai skra ejj berain oxahl.

I don't know if I've ever shared this one, but...

It's amusing enough to make it worthwhile for a second time even if I have.

While translating "The North Wind and the Sun"a while back, I got bored about halfway through (If I'm remembering correctly) and sat down to write a rhyme about it. This rhyme can be sung (and I have a file somewhere with me singing it; I just have to figure out how to feed Youtube mp3s as opposed to movie formats, in order to share).


Lëyuc dé rej

Lëyuc dé rej wî ba mlî
dé tré dé jut

ân faé op tek katema
ân ba fédka
togab kabrú

kateahl (siad)paelai!


Bad gloss:
Wind of north

Wind of north and the sun
to one another
they said

that which of them could make
the traveler
take off his cloak

that would be strong(est)!

Smooth English:

The north wind and the sun
spoke to one another,

That whichever one of them could
cause the traveler to
take off his cloak

That one would be strongest!

Kambâ nuv akathîâ, jjacekém, amalthîannia, wî nibo

This story was left off a few days ago on a cliff-hangerish sort of thing, and here's the conclusion. I know I said that I'd finish this a day after I first added it, but I'm really bad about time. Anyway, here it is now. Enjoy! -

(Caveat: The image bleeds over. But I like the image. But it bleeds over. But the story needs a picture.

So I've kept it.

Sorry. :D )


Ivin ta amalthîan matemâ oxmalëî. Kaxmî ba ere- "Lëé tasnidan me, neosafin awwahl. Gado ân awwtema faé aww ân awwahl huin gre tedia, wî ân otawwmaxsin frn wwhé awwméâ ân niasa wwiab dé ba oloca, awwtemalël ivi."
"Faé mî me, otawwsod ba olocab mé otawwlëanég uvén bera."

Oxade ta jutin ân ma ba dab, biab baxmî ba ere. Ba olocab oxsod wî oxlëanég. Ba jjacekém mad op kaxraug, a kaxneot sa frn kiab okama.

A gre tediakaxen otian, kian kamîi- "Ta thîan oxniasa skra bera oxma. A gre sem op ân lëanég, otiahb etetade!"

JJiave xsin ka, natul oxlëanég ta amalthîan; gre ân fovin oxahl dé ba jjacekém, ta jutin ereian oxbas- "Kiab otawwma siad?" "Frn kémâ ysa, faé me kaahlco wwhé tasnid-" kaxmî ba ere- "nibo kaahl, pal réjgrao ba perad kamect. Kian otawwféd! Katesara frn ân ma niasa faé aww."

Oxlëanég meadian ba nibo. Mér lëanég op, ba nibo otiahb kaxraug, wî niboko kiab kaxlënial pal oslëiatnia frn jéúmé. A ere ta amathîan baxmî- "Lëé tasnid me! Bal iab péxneot sa? Zumian opéféd, wî faé aww opéma niasa."

Jéd kaxbrai, ba nibo frn ba ere baxsa, wî natul bian baxféd. Ba ere ta amalthîan kian frn ivi ba baxokai baxmî wî unî ba nibo baxtam faé oloca. Uniasain oxahl ta thîan!

Ba akathîa karaugi ba baxokai baxmî, "Raact baahl ba da, biab omî ta siadin- Tasnid kahami, tasnidko kama ra."

Pal kaéc jéménia neofovi, ba akathîa baxaen skra ba tasnidact ta ankoan, wî skra éwú.


The birds are trapped in the net, and cry out in fear and panic. The king/leader (ba ere) advises everyone to stay calm and think, then comes up with a brilliant plan. The birds grab the net and fly away before the hunter can get them. They fly to a friend of the king/leader's, a mouse, who cuts them free with his teeth.

Fun moral translation:
"Tasnid kahami, tasnidko kama ra."
Friend (who is lacking), as-a-friend he acts really.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

*picture from here.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wytn Maps

Someone in #conlang asked me about maps, and I didn't see any harm in uploading some. Here are a handful:

Map of the (hypothetical) distribution of languages on Wytn. The greenish languages and regions are those controlled by Klamek ( Middle-Low ) and Pantrelan (Low).

Trading hubs and routes of Wytn.

A blank Wytn map (without the Atland mountains)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kambâ nuv akathîâ, jjacekém, amalthîannia, wî nibo

"The story of a crow, a hunter, some doves and a mouse." (Translation of one of the stories here. Story ends on a cliffhanger (the doves get caught in a net which was laid by the hunter), and I'll finish it tomorrow.)

Kambâ nuv akathîâ, jjacekém, amalthîannia, wî nibo

Pal réjgrao ba perad baxzefa jéúmé erinrai. Mér nocr, thîannia bian oxféd ân katé ó kaéjan ba.

Srîtnia mér helav, mér lēnialav ba îbú pal gol ta jjujjan pal lēra, akathîâ baxjten wî jacekémab baxraug katrékai jéúméian. Kian baxraug ba akathîâ, wî bian baxmaxsin: "Lena jéd baahl. Amatéi kaahlra ba jjacekém." Skra déva ba, ba akathîâ ba jjacekémab baxkfé.

Gre srîtnia ba jjacekém kaxsem ân trékâ wî meadab kaxraug. Kaxade alocabin dé tŵin ka, wî otiahb ó graŵib kaxmia. Pal uvén ta alocan kaxrujji olocab. Pal sem ân ma jéd kiab kaxlēnial pal gol ba jéúmé.

Unî kiab kaxmée ere ta alamthîan ber iadkan ka. Otian kaxmî- "Neodúsniat jéd baahl, balnia? Alocan ŵak obamo pa erinjé amturi! Otaŵgre ân sa frn kia zum batoka. Dania lenai baahlnia!"

A damwîcinra oxahl ta jutin, wî mibin ba ere op oxneot bra. Oxfé ân ade ta alocabin. UJ! Gre tedia pa oloca oxahl.

Silent Night

For some reason, this carol has been bouncing around in my head. So what did I do? I pinned it down and Sandicified it. Take THAT, carol!


Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Nocr hui, Nocr hei
Hei baahl ivi, sahei baahl ivi
Ama abamo ber gezo ae
gezo usai kaahl daeyui
Otokatee he daeyui
Otokatee he daeyui

Back to English:
Silent night, Peaceful night
Everything is silent, Everything is quiet/soft
A mother is lying with her child
The holy child which is known
O let them sleep in holy peace
O let them sleep in holy peace

I ended up putting " daeyui "- holy, instead of aani "heavenly", because aan is sort of an archaic hardly-used word which is reserved for more solemn things than singing. It fits the rhyme better, too. ...Also, I just really like the word " daeyu ". ("dye-oo")

Picture is from here.

I made another quiz thing, with basic vocab and such

Seems like all I need now is a learner. :D

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kitchen picture and vocab - Stalo faé jam faé red wî ostonén ba

I made a random kitchen vocabulary picture today. I just felt like doing something in Sandic- I'm sure you know the feeling! This wasn't quite what I felt like doing, but it was close enough, anyway. Here you go:

Here's the blank image, which you are absolutely free and welcome to use: (It is worth noting, however, that some pictures came from this CC-att(?) non-profit page: Their terms are here: Only the food items are included in this. The main picture itself, without the food, is absolutely public domain (I made it) whatever. As in, take it. PD'd)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The bird which had two heads - Ba thîâ, faé ba oxahl jé kilún

This story is a translation of this. It's actually from a different collections of stories which has the tale worded slightly differently, but for the life of me I can't remember what its name was. This was translated in middle to late December 2011, but I am unsure of the exact date. (Probably the 23rd or 24th, since the other story I have from this collection was translated on those dates.)

Ba thîâ, faé ba oxahl jé kilún

Thîâ wenai béenú ba baxahl Barunda, pal réjgrao réjilnia baxmect. Mohnnia, mér jalon baxsu madab, gúc ba kinérrai baxahl. Tré faé ta kilún baxmî- " Mad auzerrai! Fian baxorara jwr. da auzerrai baahl." Jéd kaxbra ba jéi faé ta kilún, wî baxmî: " Lēé kada me, wî ywîc ân lēlét gúcab ba mad, frn ba lēéjae." Ba tréi baxmî: " Da erini jéd baneot ahl. Pipca me pipca pé baahl., pé kada. Ba madab etetora ameian aŵ ba usei. Skra jéd ateahl lēai ra." Barunda baxora ba madab ameian ba. Ba kilú jéi jilai baxahl.

Mohnnia juti, kilú jéi ba thîâ madab mamalēli baxsu wî faé ba juti baxmî: " Pé ba amatéi, skra ma pé neoauzerrai, felē madab mamalēli etedam, ân ora pian rialmîb me." Kilú ba tréi baxmî: "Jémai péahl! Fî ân biab pétedam, alco aŵtemalēl ivi, skra jebé pé jebé me baahl."

A ba jéi baxneot bra, wî madab baxdam, wî ba thîâ baxmalēl ivi.

Mîda ba kambâ ân masan: Jjiave ân kémâ kiab katade, kamalēl.

Baa baa black sheep - Lēé bren gléni

I translated a new nursery rhyme: Baa baa black sheep. Somehow, this one has even better rhythm to it than the original! :D

Lēé bren gléni
bal brenmab lēélēlét?
rac bal, rac bal, tŵinabin ké-
tré faé mereka, tré faé ame ka,
iat juti faé ba tavel, kaahl ba tasnid ka

O black sheep
Do you have wool?
Yes, Yes, Three bags
One for the ruler, one for his woman
and one for the young man who is his friend.


I also found a sheet of paper in my room where I'd scribbled something. Sometimes I just want to write in Sandic. I don't know why- but when I do, it's something usually funny or thought-provoking. This time however it was something simple and to the point.

" Ivi auzo bateahl fî ân pa sandi yméâ ân jae~ "
" Everything will be alright if I can speak in Sandic~ "

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lēian ivlúb auzeri!

Happy new year (or, if you're going literally by the above- happy year)!

Sandic is still alive and kicking. I've got a few more stories/poems translated into it (including a handful of Christmas carols) which I've simply been too lazy (I know, I know) to type up and put here. My tendency to do things offline is a bit counterproductive for a blog, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, here's hoping you're well, wherever you are.