Friday, October 18, 2013


A friend of mine challenged me to translate this stanza of Poe's poem and I did some days ago but forgot to upload it here.  So that I won't lose it, I am uploading it now.

Order of texts:  Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

Sriitnia mer else:am ba nocr makateewiici
meer sin me exahl levi wii kateewiici
pal ba diion uxsorei baxahlnia wii neoerini
meer rep me aan katee pal ba pag dania baxtam
baxahlso aan keemania kaxtam, kaxtam pal pag ba jam.
“keemania kaxfeed aan pose.” examalale:, “pal pag me katam--
jeed baahl nu, baahl nu ra.”


Sometime during middle the night dreary,
During thinking my i was weak and tired
By the pile of books which was forgotten and unimportant
during the beginning my to sleep at the door something it knocked
It was as though somebody was  knocking knocking at the door of the room
'Somebody has come to visit,' i muttered, 'He is knocking at my door--'
'That is it.  That is certainly it.'

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Spontaneous Sandic Nonsense

I was playing with the dogs in the room today and accidentally recorded this bit of spontaneous Sandic.  I figured I would share!

The dogs were in my bed, all piled together (we have two of them), so I was just playing with them a bit.  I must have accidentally hit the record button on the tablet, because I looked down and it was recording, sure enough.  The little snippet was too funny not to share, though.

I tend to babble a bunch of nonsense to myself, so the words spoken here don't really mean much of anything.  I was thinking aloud, or perhaps talking to the dogs.

Anyway, there you have it!

Listen here:

Record and upload voice >>

Order of texts: Sandic/English Transcription of Audio -- Smooth English of Sandic

"Awoooo!  So much DOG FLESH!  A-wa-wa... A-wa-wa..  Hmm...  Hm..
Balēané lēena...

Kamei yalnia felē.  ...Balnia.  HeheHA!

Balnia ân kamei yahlnia felē!
...Oh, oops."


"The soul is flying.." (from a song I translated)

I'm a guy, sort of.  I guess.  Ha! (realising that this accidentally rhymes)

I'm sort of a guy, I guess!"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Taram -- Bravery/courage

Wrote this on the spur of the moment tonight, thinking about my very sore muscles, and how, despite the pain I am feeling, I feel no regrets about it, and instead only contentment and peace.  I would not be any other way right now.

 Updates have been fewer because my life is very busy right now.  Transition means that my brain is changing, my interpretation of situations is changing, and my overall mental state is changing!  I am happier than I have been in... ever, really, and as a result am more social.  More social means that I am with people, and being with people means I need to discuss people things, which does not often lend itself to use of or discussion of conlangs, or Sandic.  Poor thing.

I still write in it, though.  You can see the proof below!  Once my voice changes, I think I will write something to accompany this one, and record it as I actually should sound.  Ygre kamaci.  I wait happily.

In the meantime, listen to the below here:

Older version: - Pre-T.
Newer version: - ~2/3 weeks T?

Both provided for your auditory amusement!  My voice is changing. :D

Order of texts: Original Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

pur bamée
fian kajaei frn lenania ba
Jebé me, biab lëia srîtnia
Kadévai ân gator pa ba, ba, wena
Eteméâig ân jjew
Iab ba kaméei
Ba pur bajae frn ta jjelucan
Ma me oahl upurin
Katezefain, umain taram
Ba felë pa ba felë


There is pain
Speaking to me about some issue of
This body, which I have in the past
Believing that in it, via it,
I would never properly live
Showing myself through it.
The pain speaks of the muscles
which have been hurt by my actions
And will be healed by them
Which will grow because of them, wrought in courage/daring
This me inside the me
which will show.