Monday, December 5, 2011

More words in cat sign

Now that I have a good way to share the words, I'm bursting to. I have a fewdozen words already made in Cat, but have never had a way to relay them to people except for videos or images, which are bulky and time-consuming.

Anyway, here are some:

WOMAN - /pc!t(pm)[5!s]>H/
WE,US,OURS - /(pc!f(pm)[T\!s]XB) ([T\!s]->(_sh_!f(pm)[B\!s]))/
I,ME,MY - /m!t(in,md,rn,pn)[T!s]/
PLANT(N.) - /n[F!s]!fq:||/

Trans-scribed my first Cat Sign word into SLIPA! :D

Before I had only done letters.

The word is KISS.


"sideways palm touches the upper and lower lips twice"

:) I'm excited.

Cat sign SLIPA

I'm learning SLIPA to use with Cat Sign. Hope this makes the little language take off! I'd love to get to the point to where I could do a "Babel text" in Cat Sign. ;)

Scroll past the pictures to see a list of transscriptions.

(will add more as I clean them up)

Letter transcriptions in SLIPA:

A - /sh[I]/ or /sh!f(pm)[T\!s]/
 - /sh[I]XC!d]/ or /sh!f(pm)[t\!s]XC!d]/
B - /sh[C'!s]/
C - /sh[S]/
D - /sh[O]/
E - /sh!f(pm)[G!s]/
É - /sh!f(pm)[G!s]XC!d/
F - /sh!f(pm)[U!s]/
G - /sh[S!s]/
H - /sh[Y:]/
I - /sh[X]/
Î - /sh[x]XC!d/
J - /sh[5!>>]/
JJ - /sh[5!>>]XC!d/
L - /sh[L]/
M - /sh[W]/
N - /sh[V]/
O - /sh[O.]/
P - /sh[C'!s]/
R - /sh[U^]/
S - /sh[S]/
T - /sh[U]/
U - /sh[S^]/
Ú - /sh[S^]XC!d/
V - /sh!f(pm)[U!s]/
W - /sh[S^^]/
X - /sh[C!Y - /sh[C'![in>]]/
Z - /sh[B![in>]]/
IA - /sh!f(pm)[L![th>]s]/
LË - /sh[Y:]/