Thursday, August 22, 2013

lëé ba bama talël -- hey coyote

Been going through an interesting week on my end, to say the least, and this little prayer has been helping me keep a cool head, and also to be brave when it is called for.

It is from that book.  You know the one. (A book of pagan prayer) :D  No original out of respect for copyright.

Order of texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic

Lëé ba bama talël
Pian skra oradan ykaja.
Opéneot sore ân ora iat.
Pal me oahlig umasin dannia utorain.


O coyote
Thank you for the gifts
Do not forget to keep giving
anything given would be enjoyed by me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

zum kakepi, fédab op kagrei -- sitting here, awaiting their arrival

Was on break at work today, and I found this particularly awesome little snippet from my favorite new book (you know the one already).  I actually translated this during my break and uploaded it here!  No audio, sadly, as I cannot record at work.  I made you a nice picture, though!  ...actually  just kidding.  Here you go. :)

Written latinized Sandic (haec vilani) is at the top,and native Sandic cursive script (haec balisi) is on the bottom left.  I am still learning to use fountain pens, so please forgive the splotches.

Following the convention established by the previous few posts, no original here.  Just my silly translation and a smoothification of it.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

Zum kakepi, fédab op kagrei,
Mekab me biab ejten, ân otian ma yec.
Ta jwran mîbin me otobra, wî fian otomî rial,
Iab kareci ba ara op pal me.


Sitting here, waiting for their arrival,
I open my mind to make it easy for them.
May the gods hear my words, and speak back
Blessing me with their presence here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

watch over my words as I tell the old stories - mîbin me olëétjér mér jae

Broke my one post per day rule, I know.  Sorry.  If I don't post it now, I will forget to and it will be lost.  I know myself that well.

Another one from "a book of pagan prayer".  I really have fallen in love with it.

As with the previous submission, no original English out of respect for the fact that it is published.  If you are pagan, or interested in alternative prayer, this is really worth checking out.

Only modification here is that I added "and new" when speaking about the stories.  The original speaks only of the old ones.

Listen here:

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

Mîbin me olëétjér mér jae me
Frn ta kamban nabein wî lëlain,
Ân otiab gamia otetora.
Iab ba ialthab jémoni kagriawi olëéma,
Dé ta nocran aww ta lëiakéman siadlëlain aww pal tau ba hel,
Gre ba sem kéman,
Gre kala.


Guide my words when i speak
The stories old and new,
That i may give them out correctly.
Make me the link of chain of today, which reaches
To the nights of our earliest ancestors before the fire,
Until the end of men,
Until eternity.

lëé ba pal toâ - o you up there

Got my hard copy of "A Book of Pagan Prayer" by Ceisiwr Serith today, and on flipping through I see quite a few little ones that I want to play with!

I have in the past translated a prayer of his (in Sandic called "Gamia", I am not sure of the English name).  He is a really cool guy and actually commented on my yutube video with a translation of the same poem into his own conlang!  Needless to say, i was instantly a huge(r) fan. You can see his video here: .

Anyway, here is a translation of his petitionary prayer, "hey you up there".  Out of respect for the fact that these prayers are published, I will only place the Sandic and smooth English of Sandic forms here.  Had to slightly modify it (added an extra repetition to the first "stanza"), but this is otherwise the same thing.

I guess I could have said "rerdab" instead of "lenab", but ehh.  Same thing mostly.

I picked up my penny jar and sang a song of this, too.  You can listen here.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

Lëé ba pal toâ
Lëé thîâ pal toâ
Lëé ba pal toâ
Lëé ba thîâ

Fian opéraug ra
Fian opéraug ra
fian opéraug ra
Pal uvén iab opéraug ra
Lenab opétade
Lenab opétade
Lenab opétade
Biab fovian opékre.


O you up there
O bird up there
O you up there
O bird
Look to me
Look to me
Look to me
Take away the bad
Carry it away.

Monday, August 5, 2013

ba ame ba hija - salt woman

Got ahold of my childhood storybook the other day and was flipping through, when I saw this little story.  I initially wanted to translate the  longer story before it ("orphan boy brings the elk dogs"), but this one just sort of happened!  Perhaps I will do the other one tonight or later.

Text just in sandic for now, since I am lazy.  ...Want to hear me reading the story back from a piece of paper outside at night?  Here you go: .  I stumbled a bit when the paper was hard to see, but otherwise it is fine.  Used a german r in there somewhere too, which is weird.  I almost never do that.

... Ever since I learned what an ejective is, I have been self conscious about them In Sandic.  Let's see if awareness changes them!


Ba ame ba hija damdabin aviata, a atian orialalë.

Ba ame ba hija, ofoww ae ofowwab kaxlëlét, wî jinin oxahl jégú ta oxahl jé.  Kojiteian oxféd, wî dé safpa dé safpa oxféd ân Viata wwak damdabin, a ta wwak kamectin otian oxrialalë.  Karedin oxahl ân thenab anauz. Mér jéd ba lëia, hija gator baxwhahl pa damdabin utorai.

Gre ân safpanian ivin oxféd ba ame ba hija wî ofoww ba ofoww ae, meadian oxféd, pal nât ta puébilon, pal wwak oxpiat Gezon ivin.  Ta gezon ivin otiab oxúraj ân raug ba jadab, uldii biab axlëlét o ufe ae.  Otian gre jéménia axtjér, wî otian axmî ân kéjalabinnia otosod, wî ân otiab wwak otokre.  Jada ae, otiab axtalël thîanian, ta wwak pa jéd ba jémé omect.
Mér pa puébilon awwxahl, kémania wwian daniab kaxneot ora."  Axmî ba ame ba hija.  "Gre nalëu thîan lëétetara pélëa."

Ba ame ba hija wî ba ofoww ba ofoww ae, étilëaian oxféd, gre ân pa santatomingo oxahl, wî pa wwak wena otiab oxade ta kamectin, wî otian damdabin oxora.  Gre ân oxdam, ba ame ba hija axmî, "ykajara ân fian damdabin lëéxora." wî otian ialthab ba aud ae axora.  Ta kamectin biab pa imeb wî awwtsab oxora.  Gúcab auzoi baxlëlét, hijai.

"Pa kojite," otian axmî ba ame ba hija, "fian oxrialalë ân ora dabnia, wî gre féd me ébian faé ta puébilon op, ta gezobin extalël thîanian, pa jémé iat okep.  A pélëa lëian ykajara felë."

"Enkian eteféd, wî étilëaian, wî wwak etemect, wî fî ân awwtsab lëétewiic siadi, pal wwak bateahl wî eteahl."
"Mér úraj lëé pal wwak, olëéneot aen, olëéneot kant, olëéneot ma mac.  Hein olëéahl, wî lëimin."

Santatomin dé ba axféd ébian, gre ba réjil ba hija, dé wwak ba hijab aww biab nalëu awwkre.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

onaha - reflection

Posting from a kindle, so sorry about the poor layout and formatting.  Will likely fix later.

I have been singing this song to myself quietly for about six months or so ( maybe longer; i have a poor memory for time) when i was glancing through the dél and saw that it was not included there, which means somehow that i have managed to just never write it down!  That is what i get for translating on the fly, i guess.

Anyway, here- a translation of the song "reflection" from mulan.  Forgive my singing.  I really don't do this in public, I promise.

Can listen here (seriously not kidding about the bad singing):

Iné ba felë
Gator kunka hiakti 'teahl felë
Wî drialëzé wena yneot ma
Balnia ân
Jéd ba lëithadab oteneot palër!

Iné yfe
Ân felëko wena kamaigi
Troukab me otiab 'tepur

Kia aahl jéd ba aén
Amée fian karaugi?
Skra kia wwak neousai
Kaahl pa onaha me?

Skrania yneot méâ ân lënial
Ba iab pa felë
Jjiave ba pet

Bal srîtnia pa onaha wwak felë eteahl?

Bal srîtnia pa onaha wwak felë eteahlra?

Behold the me
I will never be a perfect spouse
And i cannot properly act as a daughter
It is possible
That i am not meant to wear this costume!

Behold, i know
That to act fully as myself
I would do my family harm.

Who is that girl
Who appears there, looking at me?
Why is someone unknown
There in my reflection?

For some reason i cannot hide
The me inside me
despite attempting

Will the reflection ever show me?
Will the reflection ever truly show me?