Thursday, June 27, 2013

After David J. Peterson provided a link to an intriguing instant dictionary-program making resource, I dropped my conlang dictionary into it! The name of this service is Lingojam.

It appears that I have far too many words in Sandic (the capacity of this service only allows me to reach down to words starting with "r", and my dictionary in total contains around 1.5K words), but other than this issue (which isn't even an issue, since most people won't try to use so many words) the service works flawlessly. It doesn't have the capability of understanding conjugated verbs (or accusative worms or plural forms of words, I'd imagine), but this is a minor hiccup and not important for anyone (me and two others) who'll likely be using the resource for Sandic anyway.

The Sandic-English instant dictionary can be found here. Check it out! If the developer keeps improving on this resource, it could eventually be something quite amazing for conlangers everywhere. I'm excited and happy to have found it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Kahami daniab utorai

A quote from a book that a friend recommended to me.  I think I'll be saying this to myself quite often in the coming days.

"Kahami daniab utorai, kateneot galēn daniab kémania."
"Lacking something given, no one will win/gain anything."
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ba neousai -- The Stranger, by Charles BAUDELAIRE

Found this as I was flipping through a large old book of world classics.  Instantly fell in love.  I've felt like this before- the stranger, the one without attachment except to the beauty of the world.  And who hasn't, at some point in their lives?

It's a simple dialogue, with no new words.  I'm starting to get more confident that the construction "frn ___ kriani" is the proper way to render "full of___".  I'm often lukewarn to such constructions at first (same with "the thirty friends", "ta tasnidan oxahl kee soiran") and then later on accept them.  This one is finally starting to "click", and hardly ever sets off my "this isn't quite right" sensor anymore.  Makes me happy.

<strike>I'll try and get an audio file of this at some point.  As my laptop is still broken, and I'm waiting for news back (talking to YOU, Asus), not sure when that'll be.</strike>   So, I've gotten an audio file done.  Sorry for the poor quality and the mistakes in it.  It was kind of a one-shot thing.  This was my first (and only) attempt.  Normally I edit stumbles out, but no chance to here.

 Hopefully things'll get back to better quality in the future!

Order of texts: Sandic -- Original English


Ba neousai - Charles Baudelaire, The Stranger

Fian olēémî, lēé ba kémâ frn delewan kriani- kiab baahl ân siadra lēése- adab pé, amab pé, kolnúb ú kadab?
Felē adab, amab, kolnúb ú kadab yneot lēlét felē.
Bal tasnidabin pé?
Iné ân ostonéb lēéxmî, frn ba gator felē ysa.
bal metokyab?
Frn mead ba iat yneot sa.
Bal wenab?
Biab yméaig ân se, biab ba jwia gator katemalēli.
Bal albab?
biab yfidaco ŵé jwrab lēéfida.
a kiab baahlra ân lēése, lēé ba neousai ba neoduusniatira?
ta lēyucabin otiab yse ra...  ta lēyucabin ŵak kafacin... pal toa... pal toa... ta lēyucabin deyarain!


Tell me, enigmatic man, whom do you love the best?  Your father, or your mother, or your sister, or your brother?
I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother.
Your friends?
You are using a word whose meaning remains unknown to me to this very day.
Your country?
I do not know under what latitude it lies.
I would love her gladly, goddess and immortal.
I hate it as much as you hate God.
Well then!  What do you love, extraordinary stranger?
I love the clouds … the passing clouds … over there … over there … the marvelous clouds!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A video in gjâ-zym-byn, English, and Sandic.

Jim Henry and I hung out for an afternoon, and given that we are both people who like to speak our conlangs, this video happened.

Subtitles below.

Jim Henry and I hung out for an afternoon, and being that we both enjoy speaking our conlangs aloud, we made a short video. The text follows below.

Order of languages: gjâ-zym-byn - English - Sandic

swyŋ gâ-da gǒ.

Here's a table full of stuff.

Zum baahl plat frn dan kriani.


pě'cĭn gǒ. vâ-kar ŋĭn-i pě'cĭn.

Here's some pizza. Pizza's a kind of food.

Inee zum baahl peza. Peza damda baahl.


pě'pâ-cu gǒ. gjâ-zym-byn syj-i te krĭ-o.

Here's a notebook; I've written in gjâ-zym-byn in it.

Zum baahl diio, pa ba uhaeci baahl ba ga zum brn.


tě'nju-vrĭm gǒ. tě'nju-vrĭm ĥy-i vâ-oŋ-zô.

Here's some green tea, which is a thing one drinks.

Zum baahl kii ameei. Kii ameei baahl da utekoei.


vâ-kar râm-paj gǒ.

Here's some cat food,

pe kyl pwĭm-da râm-paj mew.

and the cat's water bowl as well.

Zum baahl damdan faee nahxan.

Wii wwak pa ba dep, baahl kaev faee ta nahxan.


Φy gǒ.

A dirty napkin,

ʝu-ĝĭ-kwĭ gǒ.

a big roll of clean paper towels.

Kelonnia urecin,

Ba kelon neoureci.


kyl pwĭm-da pe te im Φej iŋ cĭw vâ-oŋ-paj.

Here's a cup of water, and a straw in it.

Zum baahl dep frn kaev kriani, pa ba baahl haf.


wĭm-vrĭm gǒ. pe te iŋ ~~~ pwĭ-ĉa.

Here's a bag — a green bag, and inside it, some games.

Zum baahl twwin ameei, pa ba oahl dan frn piatdan.


gjâ-zym-byn pe sândĭk-ram -lam syj-i te krĭ-o krĭ-zô ĝim-ra.m pe erěn-ram.

Jim and Aaron made this video in gjâ-zym-byn and Sandic

Jeed ba vedeeob oxma aran wii jjim pa ga zum brn wii (ba) sandi.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rialmiin me frn vedeeo pa riadit usui -- A reply to a video I found on r...

So, my laptop has died.  Working on getting things off of it, but I am not sure when I'll be able to continue my antho recordings. :(

In the meantime I am using a chromebook, which is apparently capable of doing direct uploads captures for youtube!  As an apology for my moribund antho audio series, have this video of me replying to a neat video I found on Reddit!

Check the other guy's language out.  I love that he speaks it!  :)  That's my favorite part of conlanging, I think.  The speaking. Doesn't his language sound fantastic?

Anyway, here we go:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Antho post #4

A bit late in the evening, this one.  But oh well :p

See, I *can* do only one post per day!  Just as promised.  Because this one is short, I packaged it with a new translation of a prayer that has special meaning to someone special to me. :)  Enjoy!

The older one is a translation of the opening of the Iliad.  The second, newer, one is a translation of this prayer- slightly modified, of course.  I'll translate it below.


Frn éngra Okant*

Frn éngrâ olēékant, lēé jwr,
olēékant frn éngra ba alēkiales...
frn ba éngra, ta alēkeananian otian baxma ân otoahl upurin,
frn ba éngra, ta erorabin hédesian baxmia...

And then the new one:


Iné, ŵak uraugi kaahl ada me.
Iné, ŵak uraugi aahl ama me.
Iné! ŵak uraugin oahl lēiakéman me gre ba rep.
Iné! Fian omalēî ra. Fian omalēî ân ialth oteahl pa hafan ba Valhala, pa ŵak otejjew gre kala ta taraminin.

Lo there is my father seen.
Lo there is my mother seen.
Lo there my ancestors unto the beginning are seen
Lo, they call to me- they call to me to be part of those who are in the halls of Valhalla, that place where the brave will live forever.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Béenú Ala -- In the Name of Allah

This isn't part of the Anthology series, as it was just translated this evening in a fit of inspiration. A friend and I were watching "the thirteenth warrior", when it occurred to me that this particularly beautiful prayer has never yet existed in Sandic.

This was of course speedily remedied, as you can see below!

I'll try and keep the updates down to one a day from now on, so as not to flood the aggregator. I don't want to be "that guy". I'm really only adding this one because I translated it entirely on the computer, so there's no paper record of its existence- and I'd sincerely rather not lose it entirely (as I am very wont to do).

Here, then, is the "prayer for peace", translated from an English translation of (I can only assume) the original Arabic. Found here.

Order of texts: English -- Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic


In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
Praise be to the Lord of the Universe who has created us and made us into tribes and nations, that we may know each other, not that we may despise each other.

If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace, and trust in God, for the Lord is the one that heareth and knoweth all things. And the servants of God, Most Gracious are those who walk on the Earth in humility, and when we address them, we say "Peace."


Béenú Ala, ba maka ba auzo, ba kamai fialēr,

Jwrian otaŵmî arap, jwrian ba ŵiab kaxmai wî ŵian kamai ân délan wî metokyan otaŵjjew, ân dé tré dé jut frn aŵ otaŵsa, arivé ba baxneot ahl ân dé tré dé jut ŵiab otaŵfida.

Fî ân akenonia bama he, wî péhâ opéma he, wî jwrab opédéva skra jwr jéb batara, ba frn ivi basa wî babra. Kamain arap oahlra jégú ta jwrab otiad, jégú ta o imprîâ otrékâ gamia, wî fî ân otian aŵtejae, otian otaŵmî, “Heb.”


In the name of "Ala", creator of good, the merciful,

Let us speak in honor to God, who has created us and caused us to live in groups and nations so that we may know one another, not so that we should hate another.

If an enemy acts in peace, you yourself should also act in peace, and believe/trust in God, which knows and hears all things.  Honorable are those who aid God while walking on Earth, and if we shall speak to them, we shall say, "Peace."

Antho audio #3

Here's one for today, then. :)  I should probably note that these posts are just for me to put audio files to text.  It is noteworthy that these texts exist in the "Things written in Sandic" on the right-hand side, in case you're curious about what they actually mean.

Fî ân mlîian lēéteraug, noalabin oneot ahl.
Faé ba kémâ, kasa frn ivi- erin okatade san!
Sa baahl béno.
Xsinan lēain oma imprîâb lēai!
Fî ân lēésa ân se, lēésa ân ĵew.
Kémannia, lēaactab ofézu, a jutin biab oma.
Olēétara pélēakoi!
Olēésu lēiab, olēésa frn lēé, olēétara pélēai!
ĵew lēé bataraco ŵhé xsinan lēé.
Fî ân lēéméâ ân su heb pa lēé, erin jéd baneot ahl- biab olēésu pa ivi siadi!
Baneot ahl erin, ba sa kémannia frn lēé. A erin baahlra ân olēéahl lēai

Monday, June 3, 2013

Antho Post #2

A bit late (er, early?) with this one, but here you go.


Story from the Brothers

Baxahl ân kémâ lēlai kaxmect pa Kura, wî ân jéb ba kémâ kaxlēlét nu drialēzkab kaxahl tré. Ba drialēzka
kaxahlra jémai, wî kaxneot méâ ân ade san ân ma daniab.
Ada ka, kaxmî: “Iab opébra, pé ofoŵ me. Pian yneot méâ ân ma ân opéfe ân ma daniab (ra). Opéféd ébian,
wî opétade san frn kémâ, okasa frn ivi.”
Ba ada ivlúb kaxgre, wî eĵ safpaian kaxféd ba drialēzka, wî ba ada kian kaxbas: “Pé ofoŵ me, kiab péxade san?”
“Pé ada me, exade san ba jaeactab ta kolén!”
“Ah!” kaxmî ba kame lēlai, “Bal nu
ba jaeactab ta kolén biab péxad san?! Eĵ opéféd ébian, wî eĵ opétade san!”
Eĵ kaxgre ba ada ba tavel jémai, wî gre ivlú, eĵ safpaian kaxféd ba drialēzka.
Eĵ kian kaxmî ba ada: “Pé ofoŵ me, kiab péxade san?”
Rial kaxmî ba drialēzka:
“Jaeactab ta thîân biab exade!”
“Pé ba jémarai!  Ivlúbin oahlra jé otiab exgre ân daniab erini opétade san, a nu jaeactabin ujinin otiab péxade!
Opéféd éj ébian- a fî ân gre ivlú kasai péteneot ahl ân ma daniab erini, siad eteneot mî ân yahl ada pé!”
Kajilēri ébian kaxféd ba tavel jémarai, wî eĵ kaxgre ba ada ân okaféd eĵ. Gre ba ivlú, eĵ kaxféd ba tavel, wî lēia ba bas ba ada ka, kaxmî:
“Jaeactab ta kaéthan exade.”
Kaxahlra éngúi ba ada, wî kaxmalēî ta kemanian ka. Otian kaxmî:
“Iné kémâ, faé me kaahl neousai.
Siad yneot wîc ân raug kiab.”

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anthology audio #1

To keep myself motivated about actually making an audio file for each of the things in the anthology, I've decided to start a series of posts here!  I'll record something new every day (unless I already have an acceptable version of the work) from the anthology, probably just in the order that it appears in that book.

For today, there is the Babel text.


The Tower of Babel*
Ba top Babial

1. Ó ba imprîa baxahl tré jaeact faé ivi kémâ.
2. Mér féd ba kéman dé lēra, baxcu lorab pa ba poc 'Jînar' wî ŵak baxa safpabin ba.
3. Iné ân baxmî dé tré kémâ dé jut kémâ- "baahl râ ân otaŵma main pelabin wî ân otiab otaŵred hel."
4. Wî baxmî: "baahl râ ân otaŵma, faé aŵ, ba kéman, tufanab, wî topab- iné ân ba uwâ ba top aŵ obgriaw ba lēyarab; baahl ra ân otaŵara ba kéman siaderini faé ivin, ân usmetúin otaŵneot ahl ó ba imprîa."
5. Iné ân ba kéman jwari baxféd dé lēyar, ân raug ba tufanab wî ba topab, ba kéman otiab kamai baxahl.
6. Ba kéman jwari baxmî: " Iné ân ba kéman batara tré kéman wî balēlét jaeactab baahl tré; ân ma jégú ta macabin baxrep; Iné ân batema ivin dabin ra, ân ma otiab batexsin."
7. "Baahl ra ân otaŵféd dé lēyar, wî ân ŵak otaŵma faé ba jae op, ân obaneot lēlét gob- ân dé tré kémâ dé jut kémâ oteneot fe."
8. Ba kéman jwari baxma faé ta kéman, ân obatara usmetúi ó ba imprîa; iné ân ta kéman oxsem ân ma ba tufanab.

9.Skra jéb baxoka, faé ba top béenúb Babial utorai baahl, iné skra ba kéman jwari baxma faé ba jae ba ivi imprîâ, ân obaneot lēlét gob- wî ba kéman jwari baxma faé ba kéman, ân obatara usmetúi ó ba imprîâ.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finished the Anthology and the Teach Yourself book!

So, I had a productive few weeks on this end.  I finished the anthology and unexpectedly created a teach yourself book for Sandic. :)  I've got to say, having a physical book with all of the stories and writings in Sandic to tote around sure is nice.  I whip it out at work and just read and read.  It's really helping my pronunciation, as well.  I no longer hesitate as much on word stress like I used to.

I may work on a cd of spoken works, to pair with the deel ta kamban. :)

I made one extra "Deel ta kamban" and two extra "Let's Learn Sandic"s to give to friends/people close to me.  I'm actually toying with the idea of getting one more of each and offering them here on the blog for people who're interested.  Would anyone want a copy?   Is that something I should do and that people would be interested in?

"Deel ta kamban ba sandi", ("collection of stories in sandic") is about 200 pages long, and "Let's Learn Sandic" is 70.  Not terribly huge books, but would be fun to flip through, I imagine.

Both of these are available on the right-hand side for download, if you'd like them for free in digital format.  Please feel free to glance through and tell me what you think!