Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Original Poems and the Starlings' Song

Over the past few days, working on my conlang has meant that it's been constantly on my mind. I've been a creative state because of this, and out of the day-to-day nonsense of my life have sprung several little poems.
While I would like to share them with you in both transscribed and native-script versions, I am unfortunately unable to do so due to my computer being... dead. Thus, I guess we'll have to make due with only the transcriptions. I apologize, but do try to enjoy them anyway!

Disclaimer: These are all free-form and rather awful, because I'm not a poetic sort of person. They were, though, fun to write. I don't recall ever using the language this way before- with the exception of a few journal entries which I made over long periods of time.

You'll notice 'god' appears in most of these. I'm not spastically religious (and in fact don't associate myself with any mainstream organized religion at all), and figured I'd nip suspicions of that in the bud. Thus, read 'god' as God, not related to any religion in particular, but as Dryghtyn, perhaps- or The One.

Every poem here is 'new' and 'fresh', written by me- with the exceptions of 'kant ta starlen', which is of course from the first translation relay.

5i mohn ba silēetiw 2010

Kéamjén oav pîrin,
frn jéb emac.
Skra kia ba oka ta lucan?

wenai, ba wîc jwr.

Ba liape
8i mohn ba silēetiw 2010

pal ba kémaréj,
yxĵémz dé kaevo liapeab.
Rekami kaahl.
Rekamei, wî améi.

Erini srît, kaxbamo ò plat
kaxneot zeb.

A unî, natul, kaxrep ân enha.

Ykaja, lēé jwr.

Pa kémaréj
9i mohn ba silēetiw 2010

Exjeta pa kémaréj
ivin ta lenadabin me
otiahb exsore

Exjeta pa kémaréj
baxav hui mekâ me
y kaja lēé jwr

pa kémaréj

10i mohn ba silēetiw 2010

Kîb ykoe,
Ywîc ân katé,
pa safpa saafi,

Felē wî kolé me,

Kant ta starlen
13i mohn ba silēetiw 2010

Kant ta starlen baahl nuv apeactin man,
Pa kîmî frn helav, bamalēim jédathî kelobin ba
mer nocr lark banúk kimlabin ba
kia kasa ba raactab ta thîan?


Gréfeluc (Autumn)
Fifth day of September 2010

The leaves are turning red,
And I am joyful because of this.
What reason is there for the happening of seasons?

beautiful, what god wants.

Ba liape (The dragonfly)
Eighth day of September 2010

at the pool,
I saved a dragonfly from the water.
He is blue.
Blue and green.

For a long time, he lay on the table
and did not move.

But then, suddenly, he began to breathe.

I thank you, God.

Pa kémaréj (In the pool)
Ninth day of September 2010

I was swimming in the pool
All of my problems
I forgot them

I was swimming in the pool
My mind became peaceful
thank you, god

in the pool

Aŵbamo (we lie down)
Tenth day of September 2010

I'm drinking tea,
it's peppermint.
I'm sleepy,
in this safe house.

My dog and I,
We lie down.

Kant ta starlen (The starlings' song)
Thirteenth day of September 2010

The starlings' song is about heroic deeds,
In the morning rains the heron cleans its clothes
In the nighttime the lark worships its stars
Who knows the true nature of birds?

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