Monday, May 23, 2011

LCC4 translation relay

This isn't the one that I did for the actual relay, as the ring that I participated in isn;t quite.. finished. I'm not sure if it's taboo or something to post one;s relay torch before the ring in which one is participating is complete.

However, fenhl posted a challenge on his CoTW website which uses the original torch's (it was in Dothraki) smooth English translation as the text to be translated. So, I;ve done this text for him.

It'll be interesting to compare the two versions, actually. :p they're very, very similar.

also, I totally did this one without looking once at the dictionary. I'm proud of myself.

Brîl nastúi

Amenia wenai axahl katagi toadab klé, wî unî brîl atian baxma ân asem. "Lēé ame ba wenai!" Baxmî ba brîl. "Ymac frn lēé. Olēétara kuname me."

Axaen ba ame. "Skra kia péwîc ân etara kuname pé? Iat béenúb me péneot sa."

"Béenú lēé?" Baxbas ba brîl. "Nuv béenú lēé exneot bas, a exmî ân olēétara kuname me. Rial kiab lēémî?"

"Rial jéd ymî." Axmî ba ame, wî jjaga ae axteka kilúb ba brîl dé jebé ba.

Kilú ba brîl o réjgrao baxmî: "Bal... lēétade?"

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