Friday, August 5, 2011

LoCoWriMo 2011

What's that? This is late to have done a LoCoWriMo? hush, you! I'm just late in adding it here.

I think this topped out at 800-something words. It's only a day and a half's work, because for some reason I got distracted and afterward didn't feel like continuing.

The translation is half-ish done, but I'll get to it later.

Kambaa treei nuv ba feed aww zuian

Jeesriit fele: exahl tavel frn neot kasai. Le:ai exahl. Yecjjewi. Ivluun me oxahlnia midinin,deeva me baahl aan oxahl 8 uu 9. Exmect pa safpa ama me- frn ada me neotab fele: exsa. Iat neotab fele: nuv ka esa- a jeed neoterini baahl. Micma me wenai axahl. Otiahb aee axse, a axma ta dabin, oxahl auzerin faee su ae ta batelan. Mohnannia jeenuin awwxahl, kolnuu me wii fele: pa safpa aww, meer ama aww axsu ta diiumadabin.

Bee-enuu kolnuu me baxahl “Freela”- zaoania jeed baahl. Wii yneehii kolnuu me axahlra wenrai wwhee zaoa, kataeni, katreeji o grawwi aww ba grawwi-i. Awwxpiat o grawwi safpa aww (ta ivluun me oxahl siaderinin faee ta frn ae, 8 faee 6, a axmania wwhee fele:, ba ‘erinka’). Awwxhaec o seja ba grawwi aww, wii wwak oxahl nauleen erinrain, jjiacan kajetain wena, thiian kakantin kantabin frn aww neotusain. Awwxparo frn jjew ta keeman pal zu, frn kia wwak omania, frn kia pal zu bamect- ta ankoan erinin, matemaain.

Fian mohnnia axmii kolnuu me: “skra kia oneot feed naat faee safpa aww ba usai ra, aan feed zuian, aan raug wwak ta ankoabin erinin, matemaain? Ymacig frn aan ma jeed, a ama aww fovi aahl gre kala, kasantai.”

Exmii atian aan ama aww asanta, wii kolnuu me ba keein, eenji, miib me biab axdeeva, skra kada ae ba frnsai exahl- kada ae ba kafadici, a jeed axneot sa. Meer ivin ta mohnan, eebian axfeed ama aww ba neera neotusai, atian axmii kolnuu me- “opeesanta auzo, opeema auzo!”- ba miib dusniati faee ta keeman, osanta. Biab axsa skra diionia frn aww ule:leeti.

Fele: aan kiab mii exneot sa, skra le:ia-aa jeed ba mohn gator dab jeedkoi axmii. Kasai frn ivi skra ta ivlun 8 me, exmii “okay, zuian otawwfeed- a natul otawwfeed, aan awwteahl eej pal safpa jeedsriit, ama aww zumian atefeed, aan ateneot sa aan fovin awwxahl.”

Wii yneehii awwxfeed dee safpa aww, kaholdcin pa twwinannia damdabin faee ba mohn, wii damdabin faee ta ankoan, frn op awwxsa aan omect nee mead aww, aan wwiab oteneot dam.

Pa tufan baxmect troukaa me, wii skra ta tasnidan neotjinin me, exsa frn tead baahl ba zu. Ber kolnuu me extreekaa natul, ufe me o ufe ae, wii ufe ae o ufe me, aan awwteneot ahl utofein o impriiaa jeeb ba erinrai.

Dalkanaia wwian kaneot jae, wii gre sriit neoterini, pal ba zu awwxahl. Wwak awwxraug ta ankoabin neodusniatin- jaethiiabin, jiiacabin dee ateec, boabin erinrain, frn op ta lozan oxahlco whee heefan. Kolnuu me axaen ra, wii berain awwxtreej, kamain awwxahlto wwhee aan awwahl jaethiian.

“G'alo, yahl pale!” exaen, kale:aneegi.
“Fele: yahl sinde!” axmale:ii kolnuu me, skra jeeguu oxahl ta bee-enuun ta jaethiian pal ba zu, otiahb awwxraug.
“Pale kawiic aan taug ta nokcabin!” Exjaeeto wwhee ba jaethiia, “kale:aneegi” jeed ba meadian.
“Sinde ber pee atefeed!” Ejj axaen kolnuu me.

A keia axmii- “Fele: ymacig aan raug ejj ta thiian, skra oahl wenarain...”

Exmaco aan atiab exneot bra. Pa meadab ta nokcan awwxfeed, wii tedia exraug ta keemabin wwak katovoin.

“Kiab oma?” Wwiab exbas, kolnuuian me karaugi. “Ole:eefiale:r, kaa-maa, a kia le:eema, zum katovoi?” Kamebnia exbas.

“Ha, pee tavel.” Ba kame kaxmii. “Zum nokcnia baxjard, wii siad awwneot sa, frn tead baahl.”

“Ha!” Unii axmale:ii kolnuu me. “Zum baahl, o loz me! Wwaa!” Axen pa ba keemabin. “Iab ole:eetiad!”

Ta zukeeman ba nockab dee ae oxvur. Exjile:r skra le:aact me.

“Bal piab baxdede?” Exbas, katemi.
“Iab baxneot bas! Iab baxneot bas, pee kada me.” Axmii kajile:ri. “A safpabian ywiic aan feed.”
“Okay, okay, otawwfeed safpabian, pee kolnuu.”

Wii safpaian awwxfeed.

Niia, amaian exmii frn ziald aww, a iab axneot deeva!

Kambaa «Jeba»

Mohnnia awwxahl kapiatin o grawwi ba safpa aww, wii kajaein awwxahl nuv koleen auzoin, wii nuv ta jiavan frn kolee. Kolnuu me axhaec stalob keei frn kolee, baxahlto wwhee pudal, wii xebtab ae o haecdab axpuutuu.

“Jeed baahl pudal, wii ymii aan pudalan oahlra ta koleen siadauzerin faee ivin ta koleen oo impriiaa.” Axmii kolnuu me pela.
“Racab faee jed yneot mii.” Rial exmii, wii o grawwi safpa aww exhaec stalob erini frn kolee matemaai, asuunani. “Jeed baahl kolee ba siadauzeri faee ivin!”

Rial neot axmii kolnuu me, a axbamo o grawwi aww, karaugi ba toadab frn safpa aww.

“Kia batoka, pee kolnuu me?” Exbas.
“Yneot deeva aan zum omect koleen, pee kada me. Uu ydeeva aan fii aan zum omect koleen, ivin ta koleen omect pal safpa keemannia. Ymacig aan zum bamectig kolee.”

Exsin frn ba sriit, zuian awwxfeed. Neot lenai baxoka meer ziald aww, wii kolnuu me le:aira axahl meer ba feed.

“Otawwfeed faee naat, pee kolnuu me. Ber me, okay?” Exmii keia.

Ejj fov dee safpa aww awwxfeed.

The first story- On our trip to the zoo

At that time I was a boy, and knew nothing. I was happy. I lived easily. I was only a couple of years old- I believe 8 or 9. I lived in my mother's house- I knew nothing of my father. I still don't know anything about him, but that isn't important. My mother was pretty. Many days my sister and I were alone in the house.

My sister's name was 'Freyla'- that's the name of a flower. And my sister was pretty like a flower, laughing, dancing on the floor of our house. We played on the floor (I was older than her, 8 years to her 6, but she acted like me, the 'big one'). We drew on the dirt of the floor and there were gigantic wolves, swimming fish, and birds singing songs we didn't know. We dreamed of the experiences of the people at the zoo, which was something people talked about quite a bit, and about what kinds of animals lived there. They would have to be huge, frightening.

One day my sister said to me: "Why don't we leave our house, since we know every nook and cranny already, and go to the zoo, to see the big scary animals? I would like to do that, but mom is always gone from the house."

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