Wednesday, September 18, 2013

lëé lëiféstus -- o hephaestus

An original, written in english first then translated into Sandic, in reaction to a lot of things that have been going on in my life recently.  I am transitioning finally, and this is creating a lot of stress and joy all at once.  It also uncovers a lot of engrained self-hatred and hidden hopelessness, which I am powering through day by day.

I identify with Hephaestus.  Hera was horrified when she first saw him, and threw him down from heaven.  He crawled painstakingly back up, though, and proved himself worthwhile!

I hope someday to be able to say that I, too, have managed such a wonder.

Also, a fair note... my voice will be changing soonish, gradually.  I may eventually go back and work back over all of the ole recordings So that the sound is consistent.  Anyway, here you are.

Below is the original copy of the thing, where I wrote in Sandic.  Hence the sloppiness!

Listen along here:

Order of texts: sandic -- smooth english of Sandic


Lëé lëiféstus
Ba kaxmiai alë
Ba kaklisalëi
Ba déleni
Frn lëé oxdéva ân lëian baneot ahl utorai mas
Wî otian ejj jjiave malëa op lëéxféd
Kaxmisiai petra ejj ba alimpisian
Ân amaian lëé ma pat,
Atian ba kaxnualëi

Lëé ba uxmai alë daeyúi
Dabin lëéma matemâinra
Jéb ba thîian olëéraug,
Bian ba lëagabin ba
Baxvél iaddanalëin
Ân petra
Ân lëané
Ta lëagan ba neodúsniatin
Ta bian mér mec
Oxahl utorain.

O hephaestus
You, poorly formed one
The bent and stooped one
The ugly one
They thought that you were not worthy of love and enjoyment
And despite their poor action, you went back
Climbing with great effort back to olympus
To show your mother up
Her who left and abandoned you

You work wonders
Look to this bird,
To the one that
Has let fall its prosthetic wings
In order to try with great effort
To fly
With the unusual wings
Which were given to it
At birth.

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