Monday, September 23, 2013

soruyo wî kapuyo

So, a friend introduced me to this song some time ago, and I made the mistake of listening to it again the other day... can you guess what happened?

That's right- I hummed it on and off for about Two days before I decided I was finished!  It was to the point that I was translating it on the fly during my ride home, to no effect.

  Bring in a proper translation into Sandic, and...  Sweet relief!

Behold, probably the first spanish-language song I have ever translated into Sandic.  Original here:

'La sonora dinamita --sorullo y capullo'

no recording this time, sorry.  Voice, eh.

Order of texts: sandic -- smooth english of sandic


Pa mit me srîtnia
Baxoka wwak makunnia
Historan op éoi baxahl paneco!
Felë ymî aunia
Wî kahami talëlab ân lëian gre kala felë
Ytemî ba raactab.

Ba makun umecin
Oxahl gezon oahl jekra
Jégú geté histor
Op baxahl éoi
Felë ysa, fian
Kémania kaxneot mî
Ân ba jeki histor ba
Baxahl gléni!

Ba kame otiab kaxkre
Ivlún oxahl érain
A ân kian daniab axneot mî
Kiab baxkésa ra
Kaxmeja ân jae atian frn ba sin ka
Ba kaxokai frn ba
Nalëu bal ân lëétesa!

Pé kapuyo opésa
Otiab ivin yse bera
Oahl énjan ta ivin
Wî otiab yse krian méâ me
A frn ba gléni otawwjae
Otawwjae hera

Pé kapuyo opémî
Bal frn me kaahl ba gléni?

Kian rial bal ân axmî
'Pé soruyo opésa
Ba gléni frn pé kaahl... ba trénui!'

Ba kame otiab siad kaxneot kre
Ba kun baxahl ujaui
Ba ame ber geté ae axjard
Pal ka iat baahl ba gléni!


Some time in my village
There was a wedding
Their hair was blonde like butter!
I tell the truth,
And to you forever
I will say what is real

From the marriage there were born
Nine children
Of these, eight had blonde hair
I know myself,
No one told me
That the ninth one'one's hair
Was very black

The man supported them
for many years
But that she said nothing
 to him was troubling
He decided to speak to her about his thoughts
And about what happened
You all will now know!

'Understand, kapuyo,
I love them all equally
They are all angels
I love them as much as i can
But we should talk about the black(haired) one,
We should talk calmly."

'Tell me, kapuyo,
Is the black(haired) one my child?'

She said back to him,
'You should know, soruyo,
That the black(haired) one is the only one that is yours!'

The man no longer supported them
The marriage was ended ('torn')
She left with her eight,
And the black(haired child) is still with him!

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