Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ta uxmejain tjere ba jteni

Someone shared something on Facebook and it caught my eye. Once again I do random translations of stuff, bahaha.

It apparently originated here.

Order of Texts: English -- Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic


Vows of the Priestess

I choose to walk my path fearlessly
To live with my Heart wide open
To be Grateful for my experiences
Which led me straight into the arms of the Goddess

And taught me compassion for all things

To forgive and forgive and forgive again
While maintaining the boundaries of my own Sacredness
Not resisting life,
but allowing it to be

To accept and embrace it
And transmute my fear and suffering into Joy
And just by Being,
give others permission to do the same.

To know that everyone is a mirror
Reflecting the light of the Goddess
All with Truth at the core of their being
All unique, all beautiful, all different aspects of Her.

Source: Ariadnes Temple


Uxmejain tjere ba jteni

Kaxmejai yahl aan treekaa fiasab me klee, temab kahamira
Aan jjew jteni,
Aan kaja skra ta okan ivin,
Skra jeeguu ta iab pa kreb ba jwia iab hiakt oxtjeer,
oahl ta fian frn wiikias faee ivi
sanab kaxorain.

Aan feer wiii feer ejj wii feer iat ejj ra,
a meer feer fele: ba lunub ba deya me yfadis
ian ba jjew yneot diijj, a ian oka ba yfeer,
biab ytade, wii pa me biab ykre,
temab wii lasveb me otiab tu masra ytale:l
wii jeedi katarai
ian ta jutin ymee-e aan ma jeed baahl ufeeri.

Aan sa aan ivi kenee kaahl,
ba yeeab ba jwia batonaha,
aan pal esle:am op ivin baahl ba Aunia keri,
aan oahl treenuinra masa ivin, wenain ivin, ialthan wii mee-en jutin ba Ivi.

Masa: Tamla ba Areatnee


that of the Awakened which had to be committed to

I have chosen to walk on my path lacking fear,
to live open(ly),
to thank for every occurrence,
for every occurrence, as they have led me perfectly into the arms of the Lady,
and they are that which has taught me of
compassion for all things.

To forgive and forgive again and forgive yet again,
though while forgiving I protect that bubble of my worthiness/honor/value
I do not fight against life, but I forgive/allow its passing,
I accept it, and carry it within me,
i am changing fear and regret in me till they are joy
and thus being
I show to the others that to do this is allowed.

To know that every one is a mirror,
which reflects the light of the Lady,
that at the center of every one there is the lasting Truth,
that they each are unique from the foundations, every one is beautiful, pieces and revelations of the All.

source: temple of ariadne.

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