Monday, August 23, 2010


Oh wait, that doesn't count for anything. ..I'm the only one playing, so of course I'll win that game here.

Enough silliness! This is a blog about languages!

Er, a language. But I mean 'languages' in the generic sense, so I guess the plural still applies.


But just one! Don't you love English?

Okay, okay. Really, I'm serious now. Seriously Serious. Serious... seriously. Serious Aaron is serious.

Szerious. Serious. Serious.


Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a person with very little linguistic background, and aside from the advantage of speaking a few languages (ask if you want to know, otherwise I'm not going to act like I'm tooting my own horn here), I'm pretty clueless about languages.

When I was a kid, though, before people told me that I had to be book-learned to understand how languages are put together and function, I made up a language. Having read an Anne Mcaffery book in the past and completely forgotten it aside from the word 'Weyr', which floated around in my brain along with the rest of the semi-recycled ideaical nonsense, I seized upon the opportunity to use 'my' interesting word, and named the 'nonsense language' 'Weyr'.
Over time, 'Weyr' grew to be rather healthy-sized, as conlangs go (though for the longest time, I was fairly certain that I was the only person on the planet making up a language pretty much from scratch and was thus hesitant to work on it), eventually spawning two sister dialects and a conceptual cousin, a sign language, and two similar but separate writing scripts. That's not mentioning the world that this language led me to create and populate with fascinating people of all shapes and sizes.

I've never been part of the conlang posting lists or the fan clubs, and this is for two reasons. 1, I'm horrible with the technical side of grammar (though my conlang *does* have a set grammar, mind you, and it's not English-based at all), and 2, I'm not much of a people-person (which is amusing if you consider the fact that during the time I spend actively avoiding people who live near me, I'm using that time to create a world filled with... you guessed it, people).

Anyway, I'm going to hopefully be posting to this blog pretty regularly (watch me have said that and end up only posting twice here, or something) various odds-and-ends stuff about the main dialect of Weyr, called Sandic.

Keep an eye out for translations of stuff, musings on the funnier aspects of Wytn(that's the populated continent on the conworld)'s culture, and others.

To start off, check out above: I translated a poem which was used in the LCC2 Conlang Relay.

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