Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Translation of the Intro for #conlang's Weekly Challenge.

Fenhl, from #conlang, recently created a website which is to be used for hosting and disseminating weekly conlang challenges for members of the chatroom.

As the first challenge is to translate the intro text and link it into the chat, I've done that and am showing it here.

Jéb baahl mada_ ba #conlang. Ivi ta hardan, iacté baahl utora frn ta ialthan ba jatrum; ivi ta ialthan oméâ kéndu ba haecdab pa jaeact(an)_ op. Fî ân lēéwîc, etawaplod ba kéndudab lēé. Olēéféd pa jatrumab, mé biab lenk olēétora wian.

Native script:

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