Monday, November 15, 2010

Ivi kasa... LoCoWriMo 2010

Everyone knows...

Ivi kasa frn poc, nu baméâ ân lēlét tré ereb.

A jésrît, ba ere ba étésea, kaxara râ lēlai, mé kaxtem ân fî ân kamalēlig, ba poc baneot lēlétig ereb. Kaxlēlétra ofoŵinab, a ba ofoŵin ka, kaxahl nu tavel, mé ameb kaxneot raug.
Jémohn ba ere kaxmalēî ofoŵinian ka, skra kaxahl kamalēli. Ba tavel kaxahl ra tufâki, mé kaxmî, baxahlco ŵhé kamî ivi ofoŵin auzoi, "Lēé da me, lēiab yraug, lēiab ykoe, lēian ymî ra: fî ân péwîc ân obamectav daniab, biab etema, daniab ytekre lēian, daniabra ytema, lēé ba da me."

Grel kaxjae ba ere kamalēli, mé unî kaxmî- "Lēé ba ofoŵ me, epétara ere jéb ba poc, mé ysa ân epétara ere auzoi faé ba, a dab ymacig fî ân pébamaig."

Mé kaxneot anane ba tavel, mé kaxmî: "Da me, fî ân daniab péwîc, biab ytemara."

Mé ber skae ba semi ka, ba ere kaxmî: "Opélēlét ameb faé kunere."

About: This is another rendition of the same story I sort of tried to write last year (And I don't count it as cheating, since the other story only had a paragraph (five sentences) before I gave up). It's about the two kings of Étésea, famous co-rulers of the nation from 1630 c.e. to 1680 c.e. (Yes, that's 50 years!).

I won't say any more about this story quite yet, except that it's got a few major twists in it which make it very interesting.

Translation of the (story) above:

Everyone knows that a land can only have one king.

Once upon a time, The king of Atasia was very old, and he was afraid that if he died, his land would no longer have a king. He did have a son, but his son was a young man, and had not known a woman. One day, the king called to his son because he felt that he was dying. The son was very sorrowful and he said (as any good son would say): "O my father, I see you, I hear you, and I say to you truly: If you wish that anything be done, I will do it, I will carry anything to you, I will do anything, my father."

Slowly the spoke the dying king, but then suddenly: "O my son, I am king of this land, and I know that you will be a good king to this land: but there is one thing that I would like for you to do."

And the son did not hesitate, he said: "My father, If you wish for anything, I will do it."

And with his last breath, the king spoke: "Take a woman as your queen."

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