Monday, November 15, 2010

Taraminact ba ere Äȑthar

The story of Arthur Pendragon

"Felē eahl Äȑthar Piandragon, faé England ere. Pal eslēam ba jam frn siap me, baahl ba plat hamari. Ba jam frn siap baahl mead, pa ba apen oturaj: tukan frn trakan, sukan frn apeact, dîjjckan frn dîjj uxtrecin. Ivi frn élsol kalēlét kambab ân mî.
Ivisrît pa kia ebra, felē esore ân eahl ere. Jéb baahl béno frn auzeri kambâ. Srît, ta kéman pal ba plat hamari oneot mî. Jésrît felē exsin ân mî kambab frn me.

A gator exmî biab- tu plî..."

"I am Arthur Pendragon, king of England. In the middle of my chamber, there is the round table..."

I've had a children's book with me since I managed to complete high school (I think it's one I accidentally kept from a literature teacher who'd lent it to me)- and the colorful pictures and simple story the book contains have gradually won me over to translating it. The book is small- 44 half-pages in all - but it still constitutes the largest text that I'll have yet translated into any of my languages.

The story in the book is just complex enough to really be a challenge to me (How to say 'at that moment, a ray of sunlight came gliding through the trees', or 'though it was noon, night fell'?) and just simple enough to change quickly while I'm working, to keep me interested.

Translating has given me a lot of story-related words which I would not have otherwise thought to include in my lexicon. As a result, Sandic now has words for:

alēan - deck of a ship
jéda faé hel - torch
tialia - though/despite/even though
temâ - suprise

So far, I have translated 9 of the 44 pages- and it's been an adventure. I plan to eventually complete the book. But then what? I want to share my work, but I don't know if legally I can.
I'll figure something out, though.

Just wish me patience in translating!

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