Wednesday, January 26, 2011



for your ears.

mohn ba rep ân jjew faé ba imprîâ
zaoan otovo dru ba jéjé
bama faé me xsinan
gréfeluc? skra ba yjjew
mé exgre ân ba luc obakfé ba srît ba gre

a baahl ra yneot sa frn kiab otema
kia ebatoka mér ba ivlú jéd?
bal ta zaoan etoahl wenain?
bal etetovo o ba groam jéd ba poc me?
ú bal eteahl fov dé ivi, faé me baahl usai?

jéd yneot sa.
jéd yneot sa.


the day of the beginning of life on earth
flowers stand through the snows
it makes me think
spring? I'm alive for it
and I waited for the season to follow the waiting

but I don't know what to do now
what's going to happen this year?
will the flowers be as beautiful?
will I still stand on the grasses of this land?
or will I be far from everything that is known to me?

I don't know.
I don't know.

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