Friday, January 28, 2011

Lēé enfel

Lēé enfel, lēé enfel frn ba imprîâ uxmici, lēé enfel pal lēyar kazefai.
Pal imprîâ kéi baxara ba enfel, ba enfel baxjégén pa yéâ ba mlî!
Ba kame ta man ka oahlto frnmacin ŵhé ân raug enfelabin,
Ba kame ba jjew ka baahlto kinéri ŵhé vuda enfelan,
Ba kame ba mî ka baahlto talēfi ŵhé aud frn sosoir enfelan,
Ba kame kéfaluc kamée ba repab ân zefa ta iaman ta enfelan.
Lēé kemâenfel ba auzerrai, lēé enfel lēétara ŵhé énj
lēé enfel ba kéman
lēé enfel ba mlî
lēé enfel kabrelēi ŵhé îbú maugi
Lēé enfel frn ba ta oradan otara, lēé enfel wenarai.
Lēé enfel frn ba otara ta gezon, lēé enfel frn ba otara ta anderan!
Ialth lēétara frn ba kéman, mé ialth batara ba kéman frn lēé!


Oh flower, born on the earth, flower growing in the sky.
Small on earth was the flower, the flower wilted in the sunlight!
The man whose acts are pleasing as the sight of flowers,
The man whose life is sweet as the smell of flowers,
The man whose voice is soft as the petals of a hundred flowers,
The man who in spring heralds the growing in the buds of flowers.
Oh good man-flower, flower who is like an angel
Flower of the People,
Flower of the sun,
Flower shining like the white-moon,
Oh flower from whom there is a gift, beautiful flower.
Oh flower of whom we are the children, flower of which we are the descendants! Behold!
You are a part of the People, and the People are part of you!


A whatever to Déviat. I just felt like translating it.

I modified it quite a bit, but see the original here.

Also, I did the stupid fall/spring thing again. I don't know why I do this, but ... I tend to mix up the words for 'fall'(greefeluc) and spring(keefaluc). I'll have to re-record this sometime.

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