Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading híies tsidai.

Created for me by a friend (cntrational), híies tsidai has proven to be quite the gift. I hadn't realised, honestly, how much the traditional form of writing modern Sandic has become aged and really no longer represented the sounds of the language "as she is spoke". Therefore, the alternate writing system has emerged, and I have put it into good use.

Here's how to read it:


a /ɑː/
ha /hɑː/
hha /xɑː/
e /ɛ/
é /e/
i /ɪ/
í /aɪ/
ie /i/
u /ʌ/
ou /u/
ó /o/


b /b/
ç /ʃ/
s /s/
d /d/
f /f/
g /g/
h /h/
hh /x/
j /dʒ/
k /k/
l /l/
m /m/
n /n/
p /p/
r /r/
rr /ɹ/
t /t/
ts /ts/
v /v/
w /w/
y /j/
z /z/

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