Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Diioo staloni - Book of pictures

So, I have decided that I'm eventually going to make one of those awesome little books that you'll see for child learners of foreign languages.  You know the ones- they're full of bright pictures, simple phrases, and are fun to glance through even if you don't really plan on learning anything?

Sandic is totally getting one of those, if only for the reason that I would love to have a book to flip through and look at myself.  Granted, I already know the words, but there's something beautiful about seeing them printed that really makes it worthwhile!

Anyway, to that end, I made this image today.  :)  I hope to make many more soon!

Words with an umlaut are stressed where the umlaut falls.  Same for words with letters underlined.  Since I didn't think to do it before uploading, the stress for "safpa" is on the first a: "sAfpa".  :)  Enjoy!

Special thanks to PDClipart for making their collection available online!  I can see myself playing with this a lot in the coming weeks.

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