Monday, December 30, 2013

Ba batelale: -- The one that crawls

Ever had something come to your mind that needed to be recorded RIGHT THEN AND THERE, no questions asked, no matter how awkward the locale?  I ended up recording this on a piece of toilet paper with a mechanical pencil.  It was barely legible, but still got the job done!  I've never had something quite so urgent to be written.

And all this said, I'm not even sure I'll translate it.  Some parts don't work in English- and the subject matter is rather personal.  Suffice to say it's about a bird on land.

Order of texts: Sandic


ba batelale:

fian bamee-eso,
baxmii ba thiiaa nabei,
o grawwi baxahl uxnui,
le:agan ba oxneot ahl iat
paelain aan le:anee,
meer aan ta arasabin katelin otiab
fian bamee-eso aan pal mead
pal ba ototel ta arasan yahl.

wii aan fele: mee-e wii fele: otetel.

wii baxpe aan el,
wii nuale: baxel,
wii ba le:aneeb baxsore,
wii le:agan ba oxahl fon,
wii siad wii iat jeed ba thiiaa
jjiave aan thiiaa batara


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