Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A couple of chants.

I was cleaning the house today, and I tend to listen to some upbeat music while doing so. Turns out today is a chant-listening kind of day, so I did.

One of these is an older song- older as in I knew it as a small child and would sing it while playing. The other one is newer.

Also, yes. "In the moonlight" is actually sung that way. I'm not spontaneously being possessed, haha.

Order of Texts: Orig. English -- Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

O Spirit

O spirit!  Air Spirit!
Golden wings, come dance with me!
O spirit!  Fire Spirit!
Crimson passion burn in me!
O spirit!  Water spirit!
Fears and ocean blend in me!
O spirit!  Earth Spirit!
Stone and crystal steady me!


Le:ee Le:ena

Click above to listen to the song.

le:ee le:ena, le:ena ba skee,
ber me ototreej le:agan albain
le:ee le:ena, le:ena ba hel
pa me paela piiri obatelre
le:ee le:ena, le:ena ba kaev
pa me oteahl utiaktain tem wii reej
le:ee le:ena, le:ena grawwi
iab graocoi otoma jada wii pela!


O spirit, Spirit of the air,
May golden wings dance with me,
May a fire-red strength burn in me
O spirit, spirit of water,
Fear and the ocean are bound together in me
O spirit, Spirit of earth,
May stone and crystal make me steady like the earth!


In the Moonlight

In the Moonlight
Listen to the Lord and Lady
call their children


Pa brele: ba mlii

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pa brele: ba mlii
opeebra male:iib ta jwran
ian ta gezon op


In the shining of the Moon,
Hear the call of the Gods
to their children

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