Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ere ta akathiian, ialth ba jeei

Ere ta akathiian, ialth ba jeei

Kolnuu ba driale:zee

Jeesriit pa kia ba kaevo baxma sekadab, ba yeheen baxfeed tcbaian, o ba tcba axkep ba driale:zee. Baxmale:ii wii atiab baxade ber emuun akyuin. Atiab baxvur ba ___ian. Nera axahl aah male:l skra tem ae, a axneot jard. Unii, kitennia baxmale:ii, wii ba yeheen fovi baxahl.

Treenui axahl ba driale:zee.

Pal sem ba male:ii ba kiten, ba akathiiaa baxjtenav wii ba driale:zeeian baxkant skra mac ba. Atiab baxkaja skra taraminact ae, wii baxmii aan uuldi ba uxpuri baahl.

Gre tree mohn, kolnuunia ba driale:zee axfeed ba klaslian aan pose. Kolnuu siadle:lai faee ba driale:zee axahl, wii sawiici ra, wii ba kolnuu atian axmii pa kiluu ae aan ba kasla kolnuu ae baahlra ber deek wii dannia auzerrain kriani. Ba kolnuu atian pa kiluu ae axmeja aan ate dabinnia meer nocr meer kolnuu ae atekatee. Axviata ba driale:zeeian aan ameeaa aan pose meer nocr, aan ameeaa aan katee pa kasla ae, wii pal seem ba driale:zee rac axmii.

A meer esle:am ba nocr, ba yeheen pagab jam ta driale:zeen ba ere baxmajten. Pa jamab baxtreeka, ta meeugan ba kabrele:in, ta deden ba akyurain. Ba driale:zee siadle:lai axmale:ii mee natul dee kasla fovian axjard.

Jee ba kiten baxmale:ii, wii fovi baxahl ba yeheen, wii eej ba akathiiaa baxjtenav wii baxkant driale:zeen ba auzeri kajab ba.

“Fii aan jeed ejj peetema,” baxmii, “Fovi ba uuldi frn me bateahl.”

Gre tree mohn ba akathiia driale:zeen baxfeed mee baxmii: “gre tree mohn eteahl kahami uuldib me. Peeahl hatemi ra! A aan ymeeaa aan ahl ejj keemaa, peetjere aan tu ba yeenheenab.”

The Crow Queen, part 2.

The sister of the princess

When the water began to steam, the monster went to the bed where the princess was sitting. It screamed and yelled at her, and grabbed her with sharp claws. It pulled her towards the pot. She nearly died from fright, but she did not run away. Suddenly, a bell rang out and the monster disappeared.

The princess was alone.

When the sound of the bell was gone, the crow awakened in its cage and sang a song of joy. It thanked the Princess for her bravery, and said that the curse had indeed been damaged.

The next day one of the princess’s sisters came to visit. The eldest sister, who was very curious, had decided that the castle her sister had claimed must be full of treasure and wonderful things. She decided to take some of it for herself that night while her sister was sleeping. She begged the good princess all day to let her spend the night in the castle, and finally the good princess has no choice but to agree.

But at midnight the monster opened the door to the room where the princesses both slept. It walked in with glowing eyes and sharp teeth. The elder sister screamed with terror and fled from the castle.

The monster disappeared at the sound of a bell ringing twice, and then the crow awakened again and sang his thanks to the good princess.

“If only you can do this one more time,” he said, “The curse will be broken.”

The next day the crow came to the Princess and said: 'In another day I will be free from the curse. You have been very brave. But before I can resume my natural form, you must slay the monster.'

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