Monday, April 25, 2011

Got the dictionary yesterday evening.

I've been enjoying it so much, too. It's pretty wonderful to have a portable conlang again! I can go sit in a park somewhere and not have to juggle three notebooks. I can write not-poems on the fly, too, now.

Seriously, if you're a conlanger and you've gotten your lang to a stable, usable point and you're wanting more mobility, I wholeheartedly suggest you hop onto lulu and figure out a way to print yourself a dictionary!

The cover of mine is, of course, already covered in Sandic scribbles.

Sandic is at that point now where each thing I translate seems (somehow, I'm not even sure how!) to be longer and more complex than before. It's also at the point where I'm babbling to myself at times in it and I get frustrated when I don't have the word in my head for it yet. So having a dictionary that fits (literally) in my pocket is just a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Next up? I'm going to make a book of short stories. :D

Perhaps Brett will learn the language to a point where he's composing, someday, and then there'll be things in the book that I won't have read yet. But we'll see! It's good enough to see Sandic words in book-form. I feel truly blessed.

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