Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm feeling kinda lazy!

I took a bunch of pictures of things that I've written in Sandic. I just don't feel like pairing them up with their posts earlier in the blog. if you can read Sandic, then here you are- the weyr-written originals of the 'poems' and other things that I've been posting. If you can't read Sandic, well, then, enjoy the scribbles! The script of this language is very dear to my heart. What do you think?

"Ba liape" - "The dragonfly"

"Rerda" - "Difficulty"

"Challenge for #conlang"

"Taraminact ba ere Arrthurr" - "The courage of King Arthur"

"Kant ta starlen" - "Starlings' song"

"Awwbamo" - "We lie down"

"Pa keemareej" - "In the pool"

"Hymn To Deeviat" (Uses a slightly outdated version of the Sandic script)

"Greefeeluc" - "Fall"

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