Saturday, August 3, 2013

onaha - reflection

Posting from a kindle, so sorry about the poor layout and formatting.  Will likely fix later.

I have been singing this song to myself quietly for about six months or so ( maybe longer; i have a poor memory for time) when i was glancing through the dél and saw that it was not included there, which means somehow that i have managed to just never write it down!  That is what i get for translating on the fly, i guess.

Anyway, here- a translation of the song "reflection" from mulan.  Forgive my singing.  I really don't do this in public, I promise.

Can listen here (seriously not kidding about the bad singing):

Iné ba felë
Gator kunka hiakti 'teahl felë
Wî drialëzé wena yneot ma
Balnia ân
Jéd ba lëithadab oteneot palër!

Iné yfe
Ân felëko wena kamaigi
Troukab me otiab 'tepur

Kia aahl jéd ba aén
Amée fian karaugi?
Skra kia wwak neousai
Kaahl pa onaha me?

Skrania yneot méâ ân lënial
Ba iab pa felë
Jjiave ba pet

Bal srîtnia pa onaha wwak felë eteahl?

Bal srîtnia pa onaha wwak felë eteahlra?

Behold the me
I will never be a perfect spouse
And i cannot properly act as a daughter
It is possible
That i am not meant to wear this costume!

Behold, i know
That to act fully as myself
I would do my family harm.

Who is that girl
Who appears there, looking at me?
Why is someone unknown
There in my reflection?

For some reason i cannot hide
The me inside me
despite attempting

Will the reflection ever show me?
Will the reflection ever truly show me?

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