Friday, August 16, 2013

zum kakepi, fédab op kagrei -- sitting here, awaiting their arrival

Was on break at work today, and I found this particularly awesome little snippet from my favorite new book (you know the one already).  I actually translated this during my break and uploaded it here!  No audio, sadly, as I cannot record at work.  I made you a nice picture, though!  ...actually  just kidding.  Here you go. :)

Written latinized Sandic (haec vilani) is at the top,and native Sandic cursive script (haec balisi) is on the bottom left.  I am still learning to use fountain pens, so please forgive the splotches.

Following the convention established by the previous few posts, no original here.  Just my silly translation and a smoothification of it.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic

Zum kakepi, fédab op kagrei,
Mekab me biab ejten, ân otian ma yec.
Ta jwran mîbin me otobra, wî fian otomî rial,
Iab kareci ba ara op pal me.


Sitting here, waiting for their arrival,
I open my mind to make it easy for them.
May the gods hear my words, and speak back
Blessing me with their presence here.

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