Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kiamjan rale:ebin op kaxtale:lin pal safpa aww

So, I talked about some leaves today.  Videographic evidence over on Youtube.  Bahaha.


 Order of texts:  Sandic -- Smoothish English of Sandic


Galo le:ee ta kabrain!  Ejj vedeob yma pa ba sandi, wii, okay, meer jeeb ba mon, ian safpa me exfeed, wii jeeguu ta kiamjabin ivin fele: exraug, pal ba natsmao keei ba safpa aww, wii exwiisra aan le:ian mee-e otiab, wii, zum yahl pal ba meedal ba erini ba safpa aww, wii kiamjabinnia midin exade, exeek, aan le:ian mee-e.  Le:ian frn ta rale:en op fele: etejae.  Okay, jeeb baneot ahl kiamj frnm meedal.  Jeeb baahl kiamj frn jjuurna.  Ydeeva aan bee-enuu ba baahl jjuurna.  A jeeb ba kiamj, rale:ee ba baahl heef, wii ba kiamj heefi baahl.  Jeed baahlra kiamj frn meedal, a rale:ee ba baahl eeo, wii inee eeoi baahl .  Jeeb ba kiamj piiri baahl.  Rale:e ba baahl piir.  Wii, am, jeeb ba kiamj baahlnia narani.  Rale:ee ba baahl naran.  Okay, wii frn ta rale:en berain tejae, skra inee rale:e ba baneot ahl eeoi, a baal eeo ameesoi.  Skra berain oahl ta rale:en.  Eeo ameesoi ejj, wii jeeb baahl piir eeosoi.  Wii jeeb baahl piir gleensoi.  Jeeb baahl eeo gleensoi, uu eeo asuunani, eeo asuuni.  a... yea, auzo...  faee me ta kiamjan ba meedal meer tale:l ta rale:en op, faee me oahl ta saidra umasin, skra wenarain oahl.  Balnia?  Bal le:eeneot ade?  Inee aan wenarain oahl, pa otiab extreekaa...  gezoto expiat, haha.  am.. a auzo, le:ian ta kiamjabin exmee-e, wii balnia aan siad oteneot jae, skra ysa aan yutub frn vedeon erinin baneot mas.  ...okay.  Balnia aan sriitnia vedeob uu vedeeob nabei ytema.  Strob, wii auzerastab le:ian.


Hello, you who are listening.  I'm making another video in Sandic, and, okay...  Today, I came home, and I saw all these leaves in our house's little yard, and I really wanted to show you guys them, and, here I am by the big maple tree by our house, and I've taken- picked up- some leaves, to show you guys.  I'm going to talk to you about their colors.  Okay, so this one isn't a maple tree leaf.  It's an oak leaf.  I think the name of it(s) tree is "oak" (in sandic).  But this leaf, its color is brown, and the leaf is brown.  This one actually is a maple tree leaf, and its color is yellow, and look, it's yellow.  This leaf here is red.  Its color is red.  And, um, this leaf is orange, I guess.  Its color is orange.  Okay, so I'm going to talk about combo colors too, because look, this one isn't yellow, but it's greenish yellow.  Cause the colors are together.  Greenish yellow again, and this one is yellowish red.  And this one is blackish red.  This one is blackish yellow, or very spotted yellow- spotted yellow, but...  yeah, okay...  For me, the leaves of the maple, while they're changing colors, are the most liked, because they are very beautiful.  Isn't it so?  Don't you guys agree?  Look, they're so very beautiful...  I went walking into them.  I played like a kid, haha.  Um...  but okay, I've shown you guys the leaves, and I probably shouldn't talk anymore, since I know that youtube doesn't like big videos.  ...Okay.  Maybe sometime I'll make another new video- "video".  Bye, and good things to you all!

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