Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conscript fun

I felt a bit guilty about not updating for a while, so I figured I'd drop something here!  Nothing too substantive, since all the things that I have been working on recently don't lend themselves so much to discussion in a blog format, but instead some pretty images to keep us all entertained.

Above, you can see my name written first in Arangothek and then in Sandic.

I had at some point created a cursive script for Arangothek (we all know how much I love cursive scripts), but it has been misplaced somewhere in the Great Pile of Crap.  I remember seeing it recently, but who knows where it's ended up now?  Maybe I'll locate it eventually.

Anyway, line 1 reads l->r and breaks down as xA rA N, "aran".  This is Arangothek script.

Line two reads l<-r and reads a-r-a-n, "Aran".  That's Sandic. 


Maybe I should have changed my name to "Aran" instead of "Aaron", huh?  That form seems to keep finding me somehow.  Oh well. ;)

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