Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alternate orthographies...

In #conlang on freenode tonight, someone commented on my strange use of j to represent the sound "sh". I shared a few more letter-sound correspondences, and people were aghast. So I asked for an alternative, and cntrational kindly offered one. His proposal turned this paragraph (first half of the first paragraph of chapter one of the Hound of the Baskervilles):

"Pal plat ân dam kaxkep ba kâmâ ~Jiarlak lëoms, faé ka ohî baxahl ân ahl grecoi ân dam mér helav, jjiave fî ân kaxneot katé skra dania. Felë exovo o ba kelo pal ba heon, wî exék ba jédab biab lëiamohn wwak kaxpútú poseka. Jéda maoacoi baxahl, pal sem ba baxahl kilúca, bian kémania otora béenúb . Pal adle ba tsuneda maoai, ici, wwhé xebta erini baxahl."

into this one:

"Pal plat án dam kaxkiep ba kámá ~Çerlak Łóms, faé ka ohí baxahl án ahl grecoi án dam mér hielav, jevie fí án kaxnieót katé skra dane. Feł iexóvó ó ba kieló pal ba hieón, wí iexék ba çédab beb łemohn úak kaxputu pósieka. Çéda maóacói baxahl, pal siem ba baxahl kiluca, ben kémane ótóra béienub . Pal adlie ba tsonieda maóai, ici, úhé xiebta ierini baxahl. "

I'm unsure what to think of it (and in particular really don't like that crossed L thingy (it looks dangerous)), but figured I'd share it here, since it's awesome of him to have gone and actually created one for me.

(I will admit that the alternate ortho is nice to look at.)


I added a few more modifications to it (like marking all s sounds with a single letter, removing the silent h in ahl and wwhé, etc):

"Pal plat án dam kaskiep ba kámá ~Çerlak Âóms, faé ka ohí basal án al gretsoi án dam mér hielav, jevie fí án kasnieót katé skra dane. Feâ iexóvó ó ba kieló pal ba hieón, wí iesék ba çédap bep âemohn úak kasputu pósieka. Çéda maóatsói basahl, pal siem ba basal kiluca, ben kémane ótóra béienup . Pal adlie ba tsonieda maóai, isi, úé ziepta ierini basal. "

I've also decided to use this orthography often (you know me, though, that means I'm momentarily fond of it and might well forget it going forward x____X), and have named it- "haec sidai" - "Híies tsidai", after a name cntrational gave me to use. :D

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