Friday, January 27, 2012

Ivi baahl auzoi

One of my favorite challenges is to translate songs which are not in a language I speak. I crank up the music, write down the lyrics that I've googled, do a syllable count... And then average translations found on the internet and turn the song into Sandic. :) Yesterday I translated a song in Hindi ( a language which I absolutely adore ), and the result is something pretty awesome. I've skipped the part where the dude talks about his scholarship, and the other one about burning incense for the gods, to make the translated version more all-purpose. :)

I love having a song which can only be sung in Sandic. And because I don't remember the original lyrics (in this case in Hindi), if the song gets stuck in my head... Well, five guesses what language pops up! :D

If you haven't seen the movie 3 idiots, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, here we go: song here

Aal izz well (ivi baahl auzoi)

Bal jjew pé ân jard bawîc?
anenab opéma jten
anenab opéma jten,
opéfute, opémî!

opémî "aal izz well!"
opésa aal izz well!
pétema ân aal izz well!
opémî aal izz well!

krthîâ baneot sa kia bat(et)oka,
bal kr batejjew ú uxdami bateahl
frn ba katetokai awwneot sa

anenab opémajten,
opéfute, opémî-

opémî aal izz well!

ewiwi, a! ewiwi ejj!
frn ba klî siad yneot sa
fî ân biab etelëlét,
frn ba bas etesore ra!

fî ân skra ivi péwiwi, erin baneot ahl
opétaen, tauian opéféd, opéneot jila!
jémai wiwi, piab opésa, auzo pétema!

Aal izz well

If your life is out of control
Open your mouth
open your mouth
Whistle, and say!

Say: "All is well!"
Just know that "All is well!"
You'll do "All is well!"
Say: "All is well!"

The chicken does not know what will happen
Will the egg live, or be eaten?
And we don't know about the future

I'm hesitating, ah! I'm afraid again!
I don't have a solution anymore
If I find the solution,
I forget the question!

If you're hesitating/afraid of everything, that's okay
just smile and move forward, don't cry
hesitation is silly, just know yourself, you'll do fine!

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