Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baa baa black sheep - Lēé bren gléni

I translated a new nursery rhyme: Baa baa black sheep. Somehow, this one has even better rhythm to it than the original! :D

Lēé bren gléni
bal brenmab lēélēlét?
rac bal, rac bal, tŵinabin ké-
tré faé mereka, tré faé ame ka,
iat juti faé ba tavel, kaahl ba tasnid ka

O black sheep
Do you have wool?
Yes, Yes, Three bags
One for the ruler, one for his woman
and one for the young man who is his friend.


I also found a sheet of paper in my room where I'd scribbled something. Sometimes I just want to write in Sandic. I don't know why- but when I do, it's something usually funny or thought-provoking. This time however it was something simple and to the point.

" Ivi auzo bateahl fî ân pa sandi yméâ ân jae~ "
" Everything will be alright if I can speak in Sandic~ "

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