Thursday, January 19, 2012

I don't know if I've ever shared this one, but...

It's amusing enough to make it worthwhile for a second time even if I have.

While translating "The North Wind and the Sun"a while back, I got bored about halfway through (If I'm remembering correctly) and sat down to write a rhyme about it. This rhyme can be sung (and I have a file somewhere with me singing it; I just have to figure out how to feed Youtube mp3s as opposed to movie formats, in order to share).


Lëyuc dé rej

Lëyuc dé rej wî ba mlî
dé tré dé jut

ân faé op tek katema
ân ba fédka
togab kabrú

kateahl (siad)paelai!


Bad gloss:
Wind of north

Wind of north and the sun
to one another
they said

that which of them could make
the traveler
take off his cloak

that would be strong(est)!

Smooth English:

The north wind and the sun
spoke to one another,

That whichever one of them could
cause the traveler to
take off his cloak

That one would be strongest!

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